Top 10 PSP Games

Heard that the PSP has a poor game library? Well, you heard wrong. Of course, the PSP has a scarce collection of games. In the middle of some ‘bad’ games, some games stand out from the others. A few of them are reason enough to get your hands on the portable gaming machine. These are some of the top PSP games known:

10.Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Crisis Core

Why? Well, why not? Who cares if it’s old, it’s still worthy enough to be on the Top 10 list. Nice graphics, nice gameplay, a touching story and highly-detailed cutscenes.

9.Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

MGSPOYou can always leave it to Kojima to make one of the best game on a specific console. Again, this game has pretty visuals, amazing hand-drawn cutscenes, cool story AND you have your own army! MGS:Portable Ops take place after one of the best PlayStation 2 games; Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

You’ll have to play MGS: Portable Ops to see what I mean.

8.LittleBig Planet

LittleBig PlanetLittleBig Planet comes to Sony’s LittleBig gaming console. Of course, it’s no match for it’s PlayStation 3 brother but it still got it. It has amazing graphics but it’s not that big of a deal for people who don’t have access to PSN due to region problem.

Nevertheless it’s a great game which you can play online with others and share custom-made stages.

7.Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Tag Team

DBZ Tag Team

You guessed it! Impressive visuals! Of course, this is ‘Top 10 PSP Games’, the games are supposed to have graphics. The moves are awesome. I found the controls easy. Everybody wanted a Budokai Tenkaichi-style game on the PSP, now you’ve got it! Yes, it can get hard at times but you also get extra missions called ‘What-If’ scenario explaining what the story would be like if ‘that’ happens e.g Bardock coming to earth or Freeza beating Goku at Namek etc. It cool!

6.Shin Megami Tensei Persone 3 Portable

SMTP3POne of the best PS2 RPG ported to PSP with many extra features. Reason enough to own a PSP.

5.Dissidia – Final Fantasy

DissidiaYou don’t have to be Einstein to know that Square Enix makes outstanding visuals. It’s what every Final Fantasy fan wanted; a game feature a lot of heroes from the previous Final Fantasy games fighting against the notorious villains also from the previous games. The game mechanics are great, nice sound effects. Some games are just meant to be in the Top 10. This is one of them.

4.Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster HunterThe reason that people mostly buy a PSP; Monster Hunter! Explore the massive world of giant monsters out to kill you. Incredibly hard, almost impossible afterwords if you don’t have a friend to play with (like me) or you could cheat.

3.Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Kingdom HeartsWithout a doubt, amazing game! Great attacks, controls, graphics, story. If you are a PSP owner, you just have to play this game!

2.God of War – Ghost of Sparta

God of WarThe owner of the best visuals on the PSP. You won’t believe you’re playing this on a small screen! The best visuals ever on the PSP! With great gameplay. I don’t know why people underrate it because of the same moves in Chains of Olympus. It’s still amazing!

1.Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

MGS Peace WalkerYou already knew this, didn’t you? Everybody does. Everyone, every website acknowledges MGSPW as the best PSP game of all time. Puts big budgets to shame. Reason enough to get your hands on a PSP. (Warning: Do not play in exams) Horribly hard boss fights and great gameplay mechanics. I don’t know why people complain about the controls in Peace Walker. It depends entirely on the player, if he can’t adapt to it, then it’s his fault. Don’t blame the poor video game. You may waste over 50 hours playing the game and 20+ hours in main story. Plus it has fun Co-Ops!

I recommend this to every PSP owner. Get this now!


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