Australian Made Cruze Series II Released by Holden

Australian Made Cruze Series II Released by Holden

Australian Automotive Industry has taken another step forward by launching the Production-Ready Cruze-II series by Holden (A subsidiary of General Motors in Australia).


Three engines – a 120kW/360Nm 2.0-litre diesel, the currently-specced 104kW/176Nm 1.8 petrol and a new 103kW/200Nm turbocharged 1.4 petrol. The cars are built on the same line as the Commodore, with 22 new and 48 refurbished robots doing the hard graft. The line can send 430 cars a day out the door at maximum capacity, running two shifts five days a week.

According to Holden, it’s a genuine five-seater, and the six-speed diesel auto is claimed to return 5.6 litres per hundred.




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  1. isnt this from chevrolet?

  2. No, from Holden, General Motors’ name in Australia

  3. nice but unaffordable :/

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