Historic Pagodas of China

Here are some images of the amazing and beautiful historic pagodas from China.

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1. Sun & Moon Pagodas are located on Banyu lake. Sun pagoda is the highest copper pagoda in the world with 41 metre height and moon is 35 metres high. Visit them at night to see the two covered in shining light

Sun & Moon Pagodas


2. Leifeng Pagoda is a 5-story pagoda, octagonal in shape built of brick and wood. It was constructed in 975 by the king of Wuyue kingdom to celebrate birth of his son.


Leifeng Pagoda


3. Yellow Crane Pagoda is located towards south of Yangtze river. It was built in 3 kingdom periods by Sun Quan. The current structure was re-furbished in 1985.


Yellow Crane Pagoda


4. Tianning Pagoda is the highest pagoda in the world with a height of 504 feet. It was made out of 75 tons of brass and gold


Tianning Pagoda


5. Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a holy place for Buddhists located in Xian. It’s 211 feet high.


Big Wild Goose Pagoda


6. Sakayamuni Pagoda is a full wooden and oldest pagoda. Built during Liao dynast, it is 67.31 metre tall


Sakayamuni Pagoda


7. Liuhe Pagoda is located at the foot of Yuelun Hill in Hangzhou. It’s also called Six Harmonies Pagoda. It is 196 feet high and was built during 960-1127 A.D.


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