Baby With Two Faces Born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Baby With Two Faces Born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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A woman delivered a baby with two faces in a hospital in Rawalpindi, a city of Pakistan. The baby has two sets of eyes, noses, and lips, and one pair of ears. He is the third child of the couple. Doctors are trying to save the life of the baby as he is encountering breathing problems. The baby has been kept in intensive care unit of the hospital and monitored with great care.

“As feeding through the mouth is not possible currently, he is being fed through a naso-gastric tube. The two faces are angled to each other,” said Dr Qaisar of Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi. The doctors explained that medically such a condition comes under the category of Craniofacial malformation. Earlier, medical science has seen babies with joined legs, two babies with single head but not joined faces.

The last ultrasound showed the baby to be a perfectly normal and healthy child but the result was surprising. The baby weighs 3.2 kg which is a weight of perfectly healthy babies.

Doctors opine such cases happen as a result of inter-cousin marriage which causes mutation and leads to such births.



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