Bridge To Be Covered With Solar Panels in London

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Work has begun to cover the 1886-built bridge which is a part of new Blackfriars Railway Station, London. 6000 metres square of photovoltaic solar panels will be installed giving 900,000 kWh of electric energy each year. This will account for the 50% of station’s energy consumption and reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by 511 tonnes per year. The installation will cost around £7.3m,funded by the Department for Transport’s safety and environment fund.

London firm Solarcentury will work with another company Jacobs to install solar panels on the roof of station which is 343m long and 37m wide. The panels are manufactured by Sanyo Electric. The company wants to use solar panels with integrated components so that no space is wasted and maximum modules are fitted.

The world’s first solar bridge, the 470m Kurilpa footbridge in Brisbane, Australia was constructed in 2009. It provides around 40,000kWh of electricity every year.

Artists conception of solar bridge



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