World's Most Expensive Motorhome Is Up For Sale At 1.9m Pounds

World’s Most Expensive Motorhome Is Up For Sale At 1.9m Pounds

Austrian company Marchi Mobile is offering 40ft long palace on wheels, called the eleMMent palazzo, which comes complete with a pop-up roof terrace measuring 215 sq ft, underfloor heating and a bar. The motorhome costs 1.9m £.

The motorhome has a big bedroom with 40″ LCD TV, a bathroom, separate toilet, lounge and driver’s cab.

Marchi Mobile says the 510bhp engine will give the 20 tonne motorcar a top speed of 93mph while giving an impressive mileage of 13mpg.

It is spread over 430 sq ft, which is twice as expensive per square foot as the most lavish properties in London’s exclusive Hampstead postcode.



Extra space !






via Daily Mail

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