NASA Finds A New Planet Capable Of Supporting Life

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Kepler spacecraft of NASA which searches for new planets has found an alien world in a habitable zone of star which can allow for life and water

Artist's conception of a planet supporting life

to exist.

The Kepler also discovered 1000 new planets, bringing the count of discovered planets outside our solar system to 2326 found using this spacecraft. This number has been achieved in 16 months of operation by this spacecraft.

The newly discovered planet has a star which it orbits around like our earth orbits around sun. It is 600 light years away from earth and located in region called Kepler 22-b. It has a radius 2.4 times bigger than that of earth. The temperature on this planet is pretty much same as that on earth, making it a place able to support life.

About Kepler Mission

Kepler, a 600 million US$ project was launched in March 2009. The objective of this mission is to specifically hunt for those planets which are near the size of earth. The new planets found are confirmed for their presence using large telescopes on earth after which they are certified to be planets. This process takes a year.

Out of 2636 planets found by Kepler, 207 of them are of size of earth. A super-earth category with planets bigger than ours has 680 of them. 48 planets (pending confirmation) are believed to be supportive of life.

Scientists believe 80 percent of discoveries made by this spacecraft are real and authentic.



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