Inertia Friction Welding - An Amazing Manufacturing Process [VIDEO]

Inertia Friction Welding – An Amazing Manufacturing Process [VIDEO]

Everyone among you must have seen how metals are joined. Welding is one of the oldest and effective methods for permanently joining metal parts. It has evolved greatly over years and today a lot of types of welding processes exist, all being essentially same in principle but different in process.

The idea behind welding is to melt the joining metals which then form a very strong bond. Traditional electric welding does this by causing electrons to jump across a small gap which raises temperature and melts the metal in the surrounding. Gas welding does so using oxyacetylene flame formed by combustion of acetylene gas.

The method known as “Inertia Friction Welding” raises temperature by causing the static metal to rub against the rotating metal to which it is joined. The enormous friction between static and rotating piece causes huge amount of heat to be produced which melts the metal and as a result, the two parts join.

The bond formed here is exceptionally strong because the two pieces contact at each point of their interface. This isn’t possible in case of typical electric arc welding where only edges or accessible interface points are welded together.

See the video of this amazing process by MTI Welding

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