Hagent – A Heat Absorbing Robot That Shares Heat With You To Keep You Warm

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German designers Andreas Meinhardt and Daniel Abendroth have created a robot concept “Hagent” which stores heat and if you are feeling cold, comes near you and shares it heat with you to keep you warm.

The robot looks like a black box which moves around and has heat sensors inside it. The sensors help robot to identify hot places and extract heat out of it. The heat acquired is stored in a material that can change its phase upon heating (from solid to liquid). It then moves around to locate cold spots and emit heat there. You can instruct it to release it near you when you feel too cold to work.

In case no heat source exists in room, you will have to ask it to go to another room to pick up heat.

The robot is only in prototype phase yet. If available in market, it can help you reduce energy usage by using “hot spots” which require less energy for heating and transport it to you directly without it having to travel through air.

See the video here

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