First 747-8 Intercontinental Plane Delivered to Unidentified Customer

First 747-8 Intercontinental Plane Delivered to Unidentified Customer

World’s longest aircraft Boeing 747-8′s  VIP version has finally been delivered to an unidentified customer. B747 is the latest variant of Boeing 747, also known as jumbo jet.

The delivery is the first one of the eight 747-8Is to be delivered this year. The one delivered recently is a VIP configured jet, with Qatar government being reportedly the unidentified customer. The speculation came after it was discovered by media that the aircraft carries registration number of Qatar.

The fuel performance of freighter version of 747-8 was found to be within 1% of the pre-specified fuel consumption. So it is expected that the passenger version will perform according to the expectations.

“Based on measured performance, the 747-8F operators are 1% better than what they expected, so it’s heading in the right direction,” said Chief Project Engineer Bruce Dickinson.

Also the announcement of passenger version (launch customer Lufthansa) is expected in few week’s time.

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