KFC Fined After Girl Finds Metal Screw In A Bean

KFC Fined After Girl Finds Metal Screw In A Bean

Worldwide famous food chain KFC found themselves in hot water after a girl found a metal screw in a bean in her meal in Peterborough.

The discovery, over a year old got its final verdict only recently. It was April 16, 2011 when the ten year old discovered the screw as she ate the barbecue baked beans at a KFC restaurant on London Road.

Peterborough City Council’s environmental health team brought the prosecution forward against KFC after the girl’s mother complained that the KFC meal contained a metal screw. They charged the company with negligence in handling the tins containing beans which is said to be the source of the screw coming into the beans. Apart from that they also blamed the restaurant for purchasing unhealthy beans.

KFC were fined 4800 pounds for selling unhealthy food and failure to maintain equipment at at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court.



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