Pilot Forced To Make An Emergency Landing After Snake Found In Cockpit

Pilot Forced To Make An Emergency Landing After Snake Found In Cockpit

A pilot, flying a Beechraft Baron G-58 alone, was forced to make an emergency landing after a snake appeared from the dashboard in cockpit and sat around his leg for all of its flight.

Braden Blennerhassett was operating the solo cargo flight of Frontier Air on an aircraft Baron G-58 from Darwin airport. He radioed the tower “I’m going to have to return to Darwin. I’ve got a snake on board the plane,” after he saw a snake emerge from dashboard and sit under his legs. He kept his calm despite the dangerous creature right near him. He was unsure whether the snake was venomous or not.

“As the plane was landing, the snake was crawling down my leg, which was frightening,” said Braden in an interview to Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Upon landing, a firefighter spotted the snake but it disappeared before they could catch it. A mouse trapped was tried to find the snake but it did not work and the plane remain grounded till Thursday.

According to wildfire ranger Sally Heaton, the snake might be the golden tree snake, which is 1.5m long.

Before this incident, the creatures found in the cockpit in Australia included a chicken and a young crocodile crawling under the rudder pedal.

via Guardian

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