10 Things you know that are Completely False

10 False Things

10. Humans don’t ‘burst’ in Space.

A lot of people think that without a space suit, one would ‘pop’ or ‘burst’. This is completely untrue and people are lead to believe this only because of movies and science-fiction. Our human skin is strong enough that we don’t ‘burst’ because of the pressure outside, which is another common misconception. If you don’t try to hold your breath, you can be conscious in space for about 15 seconds and no, you don’t pop, you don’t freeze, you don’t boil.

[Source: NASA]

9. Reading in Low Light does not affect Eyesight

Read in a dim light does not affect your eyesight, as proved by countless experiments. You ‘feel’ discomfort when focusing and your blinking rate slows down which results in drying. But all of this is temporary and does not have lasting effects. Therefore, your eyes will remain fine.

8. Dropping a coin from a Tall Building can kill

It was originally thought that a penny dropped from a tall building like Empire State Building, can gain enough terminal velocity to kill a person. This myth was busted by MythBusters. You can check out their website and show for more information.

7. He’s not called Frankenstein

Most people call the monster “Frankenstein”, which is totally wrong. Frankenstein was the name of the creator, Victor Frankenstein. The monster himself is called “Frankenstein’s Monster”.

6. Photographic/Eidetic Memory does not exist

Have you ever thought that your friend scored amazing marks in exams because he may have ‘photographic’ memories? You can drop that thought out because many experiments have shown there is no such thing as a photographic memory. Yes, there are many exceptional memories, but not an eidetic/photographic one.

5. A Duck’s quack does Echo

No scientific journal ever says that a duck’s quack doesn’t echo. Also, there is no base to say it doesn’t echo and it was experimentally proved by University of Salford, Manchester and you can read about their experiment along with sound files of a quack’s echo from the source I’ve provided below.

[SOURCE: University of Salford]

4. Bats are not blind

Contrary to popular belief, Bats are not blind and all the species of a bat can see and a certain species (Mega Bats) whose eye sight is very well developed and they use their eyes to search for food whereas the common bats (Micro Bats) use Echolocation to find food in low-light areas, but they still have a normal eyesight.
[SOURCE: TodayIfoundOut]

3. Veins are not Blue

Why are veins blue, when blood is supposed to be red? Blood is never blue (unless you’re an alien), it’s lighter red when oxygenated, and dark red when deoxygenated. Veins appear blue due to human perception because the penetrating light is absorbed and reflected back to the eye and only higher energy wavelengths (Blue) are able to do this, so they appear blue when they’re supposed to be red in reality.

[SOURCE: StraightDope]

2. Tongue does not have ‘Taste Zones’

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions. These ‘taste zones’ as we know it, but based on a mistaken translation of German research papers by Edwin Boring (he must be a pretty exciting person). So, all the tastes can be detected by all parts of the tongue, not the specific ‘taste zones’.
[SOURCE: Wikipedia - Tongue Map]

1. Shaving does not affect Hair Growth

This is even more common than the taste zone misconception. Shaving does NOT affect the growth rate, color, coarseness of the hair. The hair will not will grow back faster as shown by countless experiments. The living part of the hair is underneath the skin which remains unaffected and the dead part(the visible part) is a tapered, which becomes straightened when shaved, which gives the illusion that the hair is thick, when in reality, it’s just the same as before.

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