MegaUpload’s Successor ‘MEGA’ is Live!

MegaUpload, a giant cloud storage website which shut down because of legal issues, returns under the persona of MEGA. For quite a while, the webpage showed “On 19th January 2013, this button will change the world”. 

And now it’s officially live at

MegaUpload got shut down because of extensive piracy issues, but Kim Dotcom is back. How will he handle it this time? What he did this time is the implementation of 2048-bit RSA key. This means that Kim Dotcom cannot be apprehended for criminal activity because he can’t view the contents of a file. Only a user can do that. So Kim can’t be accused of storing pirated material.

The words of Kim Dotcom in today’s Guardian(UK) interview:

“We want to show the world that we are innovators. We want to show the world that cloud storage has a right to exist. And, of course, when you launch something like this, you can expect some controversy. The content industry is going to react really emotionally about this. The US government will probably try and destroy the new business … you’ve got to stand up against that, and fight that, and I’m doing that … I will not allow them to chill me.”

Will it save him from legal actions? Will MEGA suffer the same fate as Megaupload? Let us know in the comments!


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