10 Awesome Things to do on the Internet

10 Awesome Things to do on the Internet

Bored? Even with the limitless possibilities of the internet? We know that feeling. Exactly why we compiled 10 awesome stuff on the internet especially for you! All  these items are completely safe and fun for all ages. Here are some things you might have missed out on the internet. Also, none of these are lame flash games, though most of them do require Adobe Flash, which you can download from here.

Also, we avoided writing much description, so you can see the fun for yourself.

Click on the titles to go to the respective websites.

10. Touch Effects

no10Made by Microsoft. It’s pretty self-explanatory.


9. Koalas to the Max

no9Needs absolutely no explanation.


8. Silk – Interactive Generative Art

You don’t need to be an artist or even have to be interested in art to enjoy this. Give it a try, you’ll definitely love it!


7. Cyrkam Airtos

Ever been so bored that you wanted to play a game of being bored. Try this! Let me amend my previous statement a little bit, but this is the ONLY flash game in the list.

6. AnaSomnia

Need an explanation? We don’t have it either. Also, it changes every time you reload the page.

5. 10000 Stars

Made by Google. Shows how vast a galaxy is. If you need information on a star, simply click on it. Very informative and awesome looking!

4. IncrediBox

It’s pretty hard to explain this kind of awesome. Simply drag and click randomly and you’ll make yourself a pretty catchy tune. Try for yourself!

3. CleverBot

If you’ve seen internet memes, then there’s a chance you’ve already come across CleverBot. If not, check it out right away. You talk with a bot and it may give you very surprising answers! Talk about anything, it WILL talk with you. Just remember, you’re talking with a bot, not a human.

2. False.JP

This is a collection of awesome things made by a Japanese developer (and hence the JP in the namee). Don’t worry, the site itself is English. Try different things and have fun!

1. Akinator

A personal favorite of mine. One that never fails to disappoint anyone. Just think of ANY person, animal as long as it’s famous and jump in the website and answer questions. You WILL be impressed!
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