What is Surgeon Simulator 2013?


Have you recently turned on your internet and all you see on Reddit, Tumblr and Youtube is something called “Surgeon Simulator 2013″. So, what is it? Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a indie game made by ‘Bossa Studios’ for the Global Game Jam competition and since has gone viral and into internet memehood.

The game is exactly what it sounds like, you’re a normal dude who somehow has to perform a heart transplant and you have no idea what you’re doing there. So have fun and do what you have to do. You can move each finger individually according to a layout which feels perfectly natural and realistic. You can pick up tools (with some difficulty) and have some fun with the game’s physics.

You have various tools at your disposal, and you can be a surgeon or a murder depending on how you play it. You can seriously just cut off the patient’s ribs and take out his lungs (Ouch!).

The game is built on Unity engine and you can grab your 22MB download from their official website. Don’t miss out!


Available for Windows, MAC and Linux. You can watch its video below.



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