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This LEGO Car with a LEGO Engine Actually Works

LEGO Car with LEGO engine

Pictured here is a hot-rod car made completely out of LEGO with an entire engine built out of LEGOs as well (except the wheels, LEGO wheels would demolish the earth if they existed). This project is currently known as “The Super Awesome Micro Project“. No joke, that’s what it’s actually called.

This idea was thought up and brought to life by a 20-year old Romanian  Raul Oaida and a Melbourne entrepreneur Steve Sammartino. The project was crowd-funded by a single tweet from Steve.

This car has a full-LEGO engine and runs on compressed air. It boasts around 500,000 LEGO pieces used. The engine has four orbital engines and a total of 256 pistons, all LEGOs of course. The speed is around 20-30 Km/h. A bit slow but considering that it’s a car made out of LEGO, it’s not quite bad.

LEGO car

GIF from Kotaku

More images of The Super Awesome Micro Project:

Super Awesome Micro Project

Super Awesome Micro Project LEGO

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