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Facebook’s New System uses Blu-Rays to archive your Old Data

Facebook BluRay

It’s no secret that Facebook has a lot of data. And by a lot, we mean a LOT. Facebook has enough data on a single person to fill a couple of thousand pages. It includes everything like every IP address to used to access Facebook, who poked you, who you poked back, your location etc. Multiply that with the amount of Facebook users, around a billion and you’d be surprised how much data Facebook has of a single individual.

Then there comes photos. Facebook processes hundreds of Terabytes of photos every day and it requires a large amount of power and storage. But what will happen to all the photos of your breakfasts and parties once they get old and nobody cares anymore? They’re still stored in Facebook’s servers consuming storage space.

So, Facebook engineering team has designed a new storage system for all the data you might not need any more like years old statuses and photos, videos etc.

The new prototype storage system uses Blu-Rays to store your data. It uses 10,000 Blu-ray discs to store 1 Petabyte of data. A Petabyte is 1000 TB or 1 million GB. The news system uses a robotic arm to pluck discs from a cartridge which is held in a magazine which is held in a rack. Weird? Here’s a video by Facebook’s engineering team showing the prototype in action:

Although the use of a robotic arm may seem inefficient, but it will save Facebook 50% in costs and 80% in energy consumption, which is a lot if you consider Facebook’s scale.  Facebook aims to store 150 Petabytes of data within the next few months using this system, which is quite a technical marvel if you think about it.

[Source: The Verge]

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