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Speed up your Windows 8/8.1 Start Menu Search

Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Windows 8 and 8.1 comes with a quick search from the new Metro Start Menu where you can just open the Start Menu and begin typing to search for something on your computer. If pressing the windows key and typing wasn’t that obvious, the new Windows 8.1 update even added a search icon for those who didn’t know (and apparently a large number of people actually had no idea that you could search directly from the Start Menu).

This is really fluid, and this will become a common thing when you get used to it. Instead of going through your folders or Media Library, simply press the Windows key and type the name of the song and hit enter and voila! You’d play any video or music within a second or two.

This search is a great addition but unfortunately, a lot of people complain that it’s too slow for them, or there is a little delay before the search box appears. If you’re facing one of these problems, read on and hopefully your searching will be a tad bit faster.

Step 1

First things first. We need to make sure that the Windows Indexer actually indexes the start menu. Windows Search Index, as the name implies maintains a database of your files for quick searching. So every time you search, all the files will in your PC will not be searched in real-time (which is painfully slow) but instead, they will searched through the index that the Windows Indexing Service maintains, which results in impressive search speed.

If your Start Screen is too slow, then there might be a possibility that the Start Menu wasn’t included in the index to begin with. To check, go to Control Panel > Indexing Options

Windows 8 Control Panel

If it’s not present, you’ll have to add it manually. But the start menu folder is actually in a hidden folder called “ProgramData“. You’ll have to add the following folder to the index by clicking the Modify button:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

(If you don’t know how to unhide folders, go to Control Panel>Folder Options>View. The check the box “Show Hidden Files and Folders” )

Folder Options Windows 8

Simply navigate to the above director and tick the Start Menu folder,

Windows 8.1 Indexing Options

This should be good enough for a start. This was just a precautionary step. Move on to step 2 which will fix the delay or slow speed for users who already had the Start Menu in the index.

Step 2

This step is just deleting a registry key. If you don’t mess with the registry much, do not try to modify or delete anything else besides the ones mentioned in this step. Go to start menu and write “regedit“. This will require administrative privileges.

Now navigate to the following tree/directory:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Search\FileChangeClientConfigs

Delete the keys (the subdirectores) under FileChangeClientConfigs but don’t delete FileChangeClientConfigs itself. You don’t need to do anything on the right pane of the registry editor.

Delete Registry

Delete it and you’re done. Hopefully the search will be a bit faster than before. Follow us on www.facebook.com/scientiaweb for more tips and simple science news!

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