Gamescom 2014: What to Expect

Gamescom 2014; It’s here and it’s coming!

Just when you thought something new will happen this year, another annual event comes right at your door step, while the event might be something that happens every year, it’s the thrilling and exciting news that only happen once in a while. Nobody remembers the entire the event, it’s the individual announcements that leave gamers drooling and in shock until the game actually comes out and soon after they figure out that it wasn’t as good as it was shown to be (Yes, I’m hinting at Watch_Dogs). Any way, this years Gamescom is bound to be one heck of an event with tonnes of exciting announcements, we’ll cover the official announcements as they happen but for now lets look at a few expected announcements.

1) Microsoft

Microsoft teases Gamescom 14

Yesterday Microsoft shared this photo on their social network accounts giving us a hint of what we can expect from Microsoft this year. For all those bored enough this is a good way to waste 20 or 2 minutes of your time depending on your gaming knowledge. Well I’ll leave you guys to it, do let me know when you figure it out!

2) Remedy 

From the creators of Alan Wake comes Quantum break, a rather unique and an interesting game that was previewed ( i.e if you call a 1.45 minute trailer a preview) back in E 3 2013. And now to the much delight of the few people who actually remember this game, it’s coming to Gamescom 2014 and Remedy will give you a hands on experience that will and I quote “make you speechless”. Remedy is leaving no stone unturned in creating hype for Quantum Break, all I can hope is that Quantum break gives us a break (pun intended) from all the generic shoot and kill video games that have been flooding the markets lately, by the way you can check the trailer on YouTube.

3) Sony

Sony has been looking for dawn to come for quite some time now, and until the dawn comes it won’t rest (Yeah, that was a bad pun). Until dawn has been looking for its dawn for quite some time now, announced back in 2012, it seems that Until dawn was stuck in some sort of never ending development night but finally the night of development has ended and the dawn of release is here. A few days ago, Sony released a rather short (15 seconds long) teaser showing a bloody axe and immediately after that, a text saying “It’s coming”. Now we are not too sure that its Until Dawn but there is a good chance it is. Here’s the teaser:

4) Bioware

The much beloved studio that brought you some amazing games like the Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age and the Star War games is expected to reveal yet another amazing game at this year Gamescom. A while ago a certain game surfaced on the internet known as Shadow Realms, no gameplay or story trailer was revealed just a shady teaser trailer showing a man with a smoky head and another man running in an alley. And now Bioware has released another 30 seconds long teaser trailer with a rather cliched tag line “You have been chosen”, no other information is known heck even the genre of the game is unknown, i gotta say in this age when literally nothing is safe from leaking Bioware has done a good job in keeping everything a secret. Full details along with a gameplay trailer is what we can expect from Bioware Gamescom panel, check out the trailer and tell us what you think ?

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