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Tomb Raider Fans; Crystal Dynamics wants to make you Cry

Rise of The Tomb Raider, an Xbox Exclusive

Tomb Raider fans, grab your tissues because what was recently released is going to break your hearts. Last year, a Tomb Raider game was released that received critical acclaim and had fans all over the world longing for more. Recently a sequel named “RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER” was revealed that was promised to be bigger and better than the prequel. Here is the reveal trailer.

During the conference, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer kept mentioning ‘Xbox exclusive’ instead of ‘Xbox One exclusive’, so it may hint there may be an Xbox 360 version in development. But the higher chances are that it might be an Xbox One exclusive.
Like it? But it seems a large number of people are gonna miss out because the new Tomb Raider has been revealed to be an Xbox One exclusive. This comes as quite a shock to PS and PC owners because just when they thought the Tomb Raider franchise is back on track and they’ll be enjoying some great games, Crystal Dynamics pulls this. Do you agree with this move?


Good news! Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Rise of the Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive and will be available on other platforms later.

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