New Silent Hill Announced

Sony wants to make Silent Hill fans happy!

Gamescom 14 got off to a shocking start with Crystal Dynamics announcing that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an Xbox exclusive but thankfully, there are enough good news to make up for that.
Sony in order to make things a bit interesting announced a new  survival horror game yesterday named P.T. and like gentlemen told the gaming community that a playable demo is available on PSN. With literally thousands of games coming out every year and each game costing about 60 bucks, gamers are keen on first making sure that what they are buying is worth the buck.

So thousands of gamers swarmed PSN to check out this new horror game but nobody ever saw what was coming at them. Turns out that P.T. was actually “Playable Teaser” for a brand new Silent freaking Hill game starring Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon from Walking Dead). And to top it all off, Hideo Kojima is working with Guillermo Del Toro to make the new Silent Hill. Silent Hill (the new one) will be released on PlayStation 4 but no news of it being an exclusive have surfaced yet, so it has equal chances of being an exclusive or multiplatform. Here is a reaction of one of the players when they discovered the truth.

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