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Why Pressure drops in a Venturi ?

Feb 12, 2011 1 Comment

You might have studied or at least heard of Bernoulli’s principle which states that the sum of pressure head (P/specific weight), velocity head (0.5v^2)  & elevation head (z) remains constant in a streamlined flow. An important deduction of this is a “Venturi”. Venturis are used everywhere around in our lives especially in the cars (though [...]

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The ‘Flying’ Wind Turbines

Feb 12, 2011 No Comments

A firm ‘Joby Energy’ in California has found new ways and currently testing to generate energy from wind turbines. However, this time the turbines are not like the ones with huge tall towers carrying a rotor but instead are flying objects like kites, aeroplanes which fly to harness the energy from wind. The technology is [...]

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