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Gamescom 2014; It’s here and it’s coming!

Just when you thought something new will happen this year, another annual event comes right at your door step, while the event might be something that happens every year, it’s the thrilling and exciting news that only happen once in a while. Nobody remembers the entire the event, it’s the individual announcements that leave gamers drooling and in shock until the ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification and Price [Rumor]


According to speculations, the upcoming flagship phone by Samsung is going to be a best seller for sure and will release in early February 2014. While the  Samsung Galaxy S4 utilized a  plastic form factor which was not exactly up to the standard of the iPhone 5S or the HTC One, Samsung however will utilize aluminium to build the galaxy S5. Coming to ... Read More »

Beginner Friendly Guide to RAID


Most people have an multiple storage drives plugged into their computers, using them as single isolated drives. By certain hardware and software methods, you can harness their power in a different way, efficiently using them to your requirement. RAID is one such method. RAID RAID is an abbreviation for “Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks” or “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”. ... Read More »

How are Papers made?


Ask someone if they know how papers are made, they’ll answer ‘trees’. Ask them how trees are turned to paper; they’ll certainly shake their heads and answer “Don’t know”. Here, we’ll present in a simple layman way, so next time someone asks you about papers, you’ll certainly give them a shock with your knowledge! Also, there are popular pictures on ... Read More »

Xbox One Reveal: What You Need to Know

Xbox One

Yes, the next Xbox has been officially unveiled by Microsoft, dubbed the “Xbox One” and has been named so despite it being Microsoft’s third console. As described by the representatives of Microsoft as “Your all-in-One entertainment device”. Unlike the PlayStation 4 reveal, the console itself was also shown and was on the show floor. In this article, all the information ... Read More »

[VIDEO] Here’s a Cute Animal You may not have seen Before


The animal in the video is a “Desert Rain Frog“. Some may disagree but it is adorable in a sense. Please watch the video before judging. This species of Frog is located in South Africa and Namibia. Desert Rain Frogs are nocturnal and are endangered due to diamond mining in the area. It’s simply like a chubby frog. Would you ... Read More »

New Largest Prime Number Found

Large Prime Number

Ever since the Greek mathematician Euclid proved that there are infinite number of prime numbers, mathematicians have been running a ‘race’ to who find the largest prime number. As you probably know, prime numbers are those numbers which are divisible only by themselves and 1 (e.g 2,3,5,7 etc.). The new largest prime number is discovered by Curtis Cooper, a professor ... Read More »

‘Life’ Infused into Compounds


Note that the ‘life’ is put inside commas. Meaning it does not mean scientists made a living organism from non-living matter. The study was simply this, scientists flashed blue-violet light that provoked them to form a cluster or a group of particles. Why is it a big deal? How would we use it? That’s the interesting part. These ‘active’, rather ... Read More »

Top 10 Games of 2012

top 10 games of 2012

It’s been a good year and the world didn’t end. As 2012 nears its end, this is the perfect time to name the top games of 2012. These results are totally unbiased and not my ‘personal’ top 10 list. These results were compiled by asking other gamers on a popular forum and do not, in any way, express my personal ... Read More »

A Friendly User’s Guide on the Benefits of Usenet


What is Usenet? Many people have most likely heard of Usenet sometime or other, but not everyone that has heard of Usenet has actually sat down at their computer and used it. Those people are missing out on quite a lot. Usenet came into being in 1979 and from then on has grown into a huge online global community that ... Read More »