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Sony wants to make Silent Hill fans happy!

Gamescom 14 got off to a shocking start with Crystal Dynamics announcing that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an Xbox exclusive but thankfully, there are enough good news to make up for that. Sony in order to make things a bit interesting announced a new  survival horror game yesterday named P.T. and like gentlemen told the gaming community that a playable ... Read More »

Tomb Raider Fans; Crystal Dynamics wants to make you Cry

Tomb Raider fans, grab your tissues because what was recently released is going to break your hearts. Last year, a Tomb Raider game was released that received critical acclaim and had fans all over the world longing for more. Recently a sequel named “RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER” was revealed that was promised to be bigger and better than the ... Read More »

Gamescom 2014; It’s here and it’s coming!

Just when you thought something new will happen this year, another annual event comes right at your door step, while the event might be something that happens every year, it’s the thrilling and exciting news that only happen once in a while. Nobody remembers the entire the event, it’s the individual announcements that leave gamers drooling and in shock until the ... Read More »

3 Differences between Military Computers and Yours

So you just bought one of those fancy, new, cylindrical Mac Pros. You spared no expense. You checked all the boxes, maxed out the SSD and RAM. You even threw in a copy of Aperture, Final Cut, and Logic X just for the fun of it. They will make nice additions to your pro software collection, which includes a copy ... Read More »

Speed up your Windows 8/8.1 Start Menu Search

Windows 8 and 8.1 comes with a quick search from the new Metro Start Menu where you can just open the Start Menu and begin typing to search for something on your computer. If pressing the windows key and typing wasn’t that obvious, the new Windows 8.1 update even added a search icon for those who didn’t know (and apparently ... Read More »

Facebook’s new Drones will bring Internet access to the whole World

Last year, Facebook teamed up with other software giants to bring about a world where everyone is connected. This partnership resulted in Internet.Org. And how are they planning to do that? It’s crazy, but it’s the good crazy, not to mention ambitious. Instead of simply dealing with ISPs, Facebook has a team of talented people working on solar-powered drones that will ... Read More »

Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $19 Billion

Facebook WhatsApp

In a shocking turn of events today, Facebook has decided to buy the cross-platform messaging service WhatsApp. Anyone with a smartphone will be familiar with WhatsApp whether they use it or not. It’s simply a messaging app which uses Broadband to send messages instead of one’s mobile network. In other words; “Free SMS”, particularly extra special for people who wish to ... Read More »

Flappy Bird is being removed

Flappy Bird

For the past two weeks, you might have noticed the phenomena of a small indie game going big. The social networks being flooded with scores and complaints of how ‘difficult’ Flappy Bird is. The game was simple; tap-tap-tap to make the bird fly and avoid those Mario pipes, yet made many people want to throw their smart phones out (please ... Read More »

Amazing PlayStation 4 Bundles In Stock For Christmas

PlayStation 4

After the successful launch of next-gen consoles, many retailers went out of stock immediately. Amazon sold over 12,000 Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles in less than 24 hours. Many customers waited several hours in line to pick up the PlayStation 4 at its launch. It has been very difficult to find PlayStation 4 in stores after its release. PlayStation 4 is ... Read More »