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Sony wants to make Silent Hill fans happy!

Gamescom 14 got off to a shocking start with Crystal Dynamics announcing that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be an Xbox exclusive but thankfully, there are enough good news to make up for that. Sony in order to make things a bit interesting announced a new  survival horror game yesterday named P.T. and like gentlemen told the gaming community that a playable ... Read More »

Tomb Raider Fans; Crystal Dynamics wants to make you Cry

Tomb Raider fans, grab your tissues because what was recently released is going to break your hearts. Last year, a Tomb Raider game was released that received critical acclaim and had fans all over the world longing for more. Recently a sequel named “RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER” was revealed that was promised to be bigger and better than the ... Read More »

Gamescom 2014; It’s here and it’s coming!

Just when you thought something new will happen this year, another annual event comes right at your door step, while the event might be something that happens every year, it’s the thrilling and exciting news that only happen once in a while. Nobody remembers the entire the event, it’s the individual announcements that leave gamers drooling and in shock until the ... Read More »

Flappy Bird is being removed

Flappy Bird

For the past two weeks, you might have noticed the phenomena of a small indie game going big. The social networks being flooded with scores and complaints of how ‘difficult’ Flappy Bird is. The game was simple; tap-tap-tap to make the bird fly and avoid those Mario pipes, yet made many people want to throw their smart phones out (please ... Read More »

Amazing PlayStation 4 Bundles In Stock For Christmas

PlayStation 4

After the successful launch of next-gen consoles, many retailers went out of stock immediately. Amazon sold over 12,000 Sony’s PlayStation 4 consoles in less than 24 hours. Many customers waited several hours in line to pick up the PlayStation 4 at its launch. It has been very difficult to find PlayStation 4 in stores after its release. PlayStation 4 is ... Read More »

NVIDIA Strikes Back!


And the battle continues! Just when we thought AMD is finally on top, NVIDIA strikes back by announcing the GTX 780 Ti. Now, we all know that the GTX 780 is a top-notch GPU with some hefty specifications, so its safe to assume that the Ti version will be a notch or two above its predecessor and will possibly defeat ... Read More »

This is AMD’s “Titan Slayer”

AMD Titan

With the announcement of AMD’s high-end GPU R9 290X, the Game of Thrones has begun. Across the web numerous leaked benchmarks and performance leaks have shown that Nvidia’s reign of terror may be over. With the R9 290X performing up to 10% better than the Titan, it will be the flagship single-GPU card. According to more rumors, this ‘TITAN slayer” ... Read More »

Next Year is Spiderman’s Year !


At this year’s New York Comic Con, Marvel announced the next game in the Amazing Spider Man franchise. Set to release in 2014, the game is being developed for current-gen consoles, next-gen consoles, PC, Wii and 3DS . Seems as if Marvel wants to please every one (unlike Rockstar) by releasing the game on every platform available alongside the movie. ... Read More »

Ouya Review: A budget Mini-Gaming Console


Android based a new kind of a mini-gaming console “Ouya” (pronounced ‘ooo-ya‘) has been shipped off to retailers on its official release date June 25th, 2013. The console is also available from various online retailers including Best Buy, Game Stop, Target and Amazon. At the humble price of $99, the console comes in a very small and handy box with ... Read More »

Xbox One Reveal: What You Need to Know

Xbox One

Yes, the next Xbox has been officially unveiled by Microsoft, dubbed the “Xbox One” and has been named so despite it being Microsoft’s third console. As described by the representatives of Microsoft as “Your all-in-One entertainment device”. Unlike the PlayStation 4 reveal, the console itself was also shown and was on the show floor. In this article, all the information ... Read More »