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3 Differences between Military Computers and Yours

So you just bought one of those fancy, new, cylindrical Mac Pros. You spared no expense. You checked all the boxes, maxed out the SSD and RAM. You even threw in a copy of Aperture, Final Cut, and Logic X just for the fun of it. They will make nice additions to your pro software collection, which includes a copy ... Read More »

AquaTop – The Display in Water


We have CRTs, we have LCDs, We have LED displays but Koike Laboratory at University of Electro-communications, Tokyo played with the beauty of technology to give us… bathtub displays! This rather strange idea was thought up after watching bathtub product commercials (these are pretty popular in Japan). These ‘salt products’ make the water cloudy, which is then used as a ... Read More »

MIT’s inFORM lets you ‘touch’ over the air

MIT inFORM touch

So far, we’ve been able to transmit visual information and sound; two of the five human senses digitally. Touch, smell and taste are still pending… a bit. MIT has come up with a brilliant technology which allows you physically move something without actually being there. According to MIT, inFORM is a “Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically”. Structurally, it’s a ... Read More »

Beginner Friendly Guide to RAID


Most people have an multiple storage drives plugged into their computers, using them as single isolated drives. By certain hardware and software methods, you can harness their power in a different way, efficiently using them to your requirement. RAID is one such method. RAID RAID is an abbreviation for “Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks” or “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”. ... Read More »

What are Solid-State Drives (SSD)?

SSD Explained

SSDs. Everybody’s talking about them; everybody wants one in their laptop/desktop. Commonly, all that people know about them is that they’re called “Solid-State Drives” and that they’re fast. That’s good enough for a start. They’re called ‘solid-state’ because they have no mechanical parts i.e. no physically moving parts. Why? Why do we need SSD? What’s wrong with ye ol’ HDD ... Read More »

This is AMD’s “Titan Slayer”

AMD Titan

With the announcement of AMD’s high-end GPU R9 290X, the Game of Thrones has begun. Across the web numerous leaked benchmarks and performance leaks have shown that Nvidia’s reign of terror may be over. With the R9 290X performing up to 10% better than the Titan, it will be the flagship single-GPU card. According to more rumors, this ‘TITAN slayer” ... Read More »

Ouya Review: A budget Mini-Gaming Console


Android based a new kind of a mini-gaming console “Ouya” (pronounced ‘ooo-ya‘) has been shipped off to retailers on its official release date June 25th, 2013. The console is also available from various online retailers including Best Buy, Game Stop, Target and Amazon. At the humble price of $99, the console comes in a very small and handy box with ... Read More »

A DVD That can hold 1000 Tera Bytes!


Are you proud of your 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive? You might want to hold onto that pride because with the latest breakthrough in nanotechnology, a single DVD is now able to hold up to 1000 Tera Bytes (or 1 Peta Byte) of data! This is a huge jump from 700MB CD to 4.7 GB DVD to 25GB ... Read More »

Xbox One Reveal: What You Need to Know

Xbox One

Yes, the next Xbox has been officially unveiled by Microsoft, dubbed the “Xbox One” and has been named so despite it being Microsoft’s third console. As described by the representatives of Microsoft as “Your all-in-One entertainment device”. Unlike the PlayStation 4 reveal, the console itself was also shown and was on the show floor. In this article, all the information ... Read More »

How are Movies given their final form?

Render Farm

Have you ever wondered how movies with CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) effects are given their final form? Even if you haven’t, this is a pretty interesting topic. You’ve probably seen some behind-the-scenes of a movie where some people dress up in ridiculous costumes with white dots all over. You know, those motion capture artists. But what happens when everything is done? ... Read More »