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Why Should You Learn Programming?


In this fast paced and extremely technology dependent world, there are a few basics that one must follow to survive. Programming is nowadays one of the things that you can actually learn and utilize without being a genius. All it takes is determination, a computer, a tutorial and a compiler (the software that runs your code). If you don’t know ... Read More »

3 Simple Ways to Memorize Trigonometric Values

Angles Hand

Are you one of those people who just can’t memorize those trigonometric values? A lot of people can’t. It is quite helpful to memorize sines, cosines and tangents of 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees since they’re used everywhere. It’s also quite convincing in exams where you’re not allowed to use a calculator, in this case, you have no ... Read More »

New Largest Prime Number Found

Large Prime Number

Ever since the Greek mathematician Euclid proved that there are infinite number of prime numbers, mathematicians have been running a ‘race’ to who find the largest prime number. As you probably know, prime numbers are those numbers which are divisible only by themselves and 1 (e.g 2,3,5,7 etc.). The new largest prime number is discovered by Curtis Cooper, a professor ... Read More »

10 Things you know that are Completely False

10 False Things

10. Humans don’t ‘burst’ in Space. A lot of people think that without a space suit, one would ‘pop’ or ‘burst’. This is completely untrue and people are lead to believe this only because of movies and science-fiction. Our human skin is strong enough that we don’t ‘burst’ because of the pressure outside, which is another common misconception. If you ... Read More »

A Game to Understand the Theory of Special Relativity

A slower speed of light

Here’s something Science-lovers will love. A video game made by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Game Lab to help in understanding Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. Einstein’s theory of special relativity is a topic of old and on-going scientific debates and some still don’t accept it.  Einstein’s theory includes length contraction, time dilation, simultaneity etc. His theory is complex and interesting and was ... Read More »

Top 5 Growing Medical Careers

medical, stethoscope

The medical field is booming and many careers in hospitals are on the rise. If you’ve considered a career change or you are transitioning from high school to college, you may want to consider one of the top medical jobs. With many new hospitals, the need for nurses and many other job opportunities in the medical industry, you won’t struggle ... Read More »

Five Tips For Fast English Vocabulary Building


There are countless suggestions people give regarding building your English vocabulary. However, not everyone may find them effective due to varied power of retention, workload and exposure to English. Few tips are useful no matter who you are and whatever is your ability to build a vast base of words. Here are they:   1. Read News & Articles on ... Read More »

Five IELTS Tips For A Good Band


Going to take IELTS soon? Well it’s very easy for you if you have studied English all the way along your schooling. IELTS doesn’t require any tough high level vocabulary, it’s all matter of technique and few strategies which can help you achieve a good band. We share some tips that will surely help you achieve a higher band with ... Read More »

British Library Puts 300 Years Of Newspaper Articles Online

British Library has completed its project of scanning newspapers from last 300 years and put them online for viewing by anyone. The newspapers from last 300 years contain over 75 million articles. These articles date back to as far as early 1700s. The project was a collaboration between the British Library and British Newspapers Archive who have digital content spread ... Read More »

Tips For Making Professional & Attractive Presentation Slides

Whether you are in college or in office, making slides is a task you will meet frequently. Presentation skills matter a lot now a days. Although presentation is made effective more by knowing what you are presenting, confidence and clarity in your voice, a good slide running in the background makes up the audience mind about the dedication and hard work ... Read More »