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University of Colorado Offering Masters Degree in Electric Vehicles

With a 954,000 US$ grant from US Department of Energy, University of Colorado is offering a masters course in electric vehicles for those who are interested in working or researching in this technology. The courses are expected to be open for registeration from Fall 2012. Boulder and Colorado Springs faculty will offer the program with both online courses and traditional ... Read More »

Survey Reveals High School Experience Key To Attracting Students to STEM Degrees

Microsoft has published the findings of the national surveys carried out to study the trend towards STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) degrees. Surveys focussed on gathering opinions from the students pursuing these degrees and the students currently enrolled in high schools. The goal of survey was to figure out what steps can attract more students to come towards these degrees. ... Read More »

Find The Tools That Show You How To Write A Resume

You need to know how to write a resume that is professional if you are a current job seeker. If you begin to think of your resume as the ticket that can land your interview, you will put the proper amount of importance on this item. Many people take their resume for granted, but when you begin to design a ... Read More »

College Or University Requirements Related To Entrance

Scholars normally look confused from the outset of the school application procedure. In combination with submitting out countless documents as well as composing an individual proclamation for each and every college based on it’s unique specifications, students should also fully understand each and every college’s entrance specifications. Despite the fact that every institution seems to have its very own unique ... Read More »

Careers: Economists

Introduction Economists study how society distributes scarce resources, such as land, labor, raw materials, and machinery, to produce goods and services. They conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts. They research issues such as energy costs, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, business cycles, taxes, or employment levels. Economists devise methods and procedures for obtaining the ... Read More »

Ultrasound Technician Career – Rewards And Benefits

A career in ultrasound technician is financially rewarding and will offer a stable employment. Technology is now considered as one of the needs of every individual. The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that there are about 50,800 jobs for ultrasound sonography field in 2008. Let us review why being an ultrasound technician entails so many benefits and rewards ... Read More »

Jimmy Sweeney’s Amazing Cover Letter Creator Software Review – The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Amazing Cover Letter Creator Software

Amazing Cover Letters is a popular cover letters writing application on the net on those days. On this Amazing Cover Letters Review we are going to take a look at this program, learn about the pros and cons of it and understand better if this tool is really for you. Amazing Cover Letters Review – What Exactly Is It? Developed ... Read More »

10 Tips For Boosting Self Confidence

Self confidence plays a major role in success of an individual. In some cases, it also compensates for lagging in knowledge area as this trait helps you take on critical situations, try to manage them and learn from them. Not everyone develops this ability at same rate but definitely if you plan to improve yourself, there’s nothing stopping you from ... Read More »

Are You Lazy At Work? Perception Is Everything

You may be perceived as being lazy and don’t even know it. This can be damaging to your next promotion and to your future career aspirations. As you may know, people will form an opinion of you based on a number of factors, some of, which are not factual but unfortunately they tend to relay that opinion to others through ... Read More »

Careers: Registered Nurses

Introduction Registered Nurses (RNs) , regardless of specialty or work setting, perform basic duties that include treating patients, educating patients and the public about various medical conditions, and providing advice and emotional support to patients’ family members. Nurses record patients’medical histories and symptoms, help to perform diagnostic tests and analyze results, operate medical machinery, administer treatment and medications, and help ... Read More »