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Mobile Technology in the Cockpit 

There’s a lot going on in the cockpits of the nation’s aircrafts. Beyond advances in how planes are engineered and built, there are also advances in the tools that pilots and flight engineers use to do their jobs. The same mobile technology that we use to navigate through life on the ground is now being used to navigate through the ... Read More »

WorldView-3 Launches; The first Commercial high-spectral resolution Satellite

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has the highest spectral resolution of them all ? WorldView-3. World’s highest spectral resolution commercial satellite , WorldView-3, has launched with a promise of revolutionizing disaster management, crop study and every other field related to remote sensing. With a ground resolution of 50 cm, it can take incredibly detailed images that will show even ... Read More »

Facebook’s new Drones will bring Internet access to the whole World

Last year, Facebook teamed up with other software giants to bring about a world where everyone is connected. This partnership resulted in Internet.Org. And how are they planning to do that? It’s crazy, but it’s the good crazy, not to mention ambitious. Instead of simply dealing with ISPs, Facebook has a team of talented people working on solar-powered drones that will ... Read More »

10 Science Predictions

Science Prediction

Future is uncertain. There’s no way to predict what will actually but we can always make a guess. Here are some predictions in technology for the next 50 years. Note that we’re already transitioning into some of them quickly and each claim has a backing; Some work has been done on each ‘prediction’ and is not completely a fantasy. 1. ... Read More »

An Artificial Muscle that may allow Super Strength

Crysis Muscle Strength

A team of researchers at Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California have managed to design a micro-sized muscle that is about a 1000 times stronger than a human muscle and can catapult objects 50 times heavier than itself over a distance 5 times its length in a shocking time span of 60 milliseconds. To put this in perspective, 60 milliseconds is a smaller time than the blink ... Read More »

This LEGO Car with a LEGO Engine Actually Works

LEGO Car with LEGO engine

Pictured here is a hot-rod car made completely out of LEGO with an entire engine built out of LEGOs as well (except the wheels, LEGO wheels would demolish the earth if they existed). This project is currently known as “The Super Awesome Micro Project“. No joke, that’s what it’s actually called. This idea was thought up and brought to life ... Read More »

AquaTop – The Display in Water


We have CRTs, we have LCDs, We have LED displays but Koike Laboratory at University of Electro-communications, Tokyo played with the beauty of technology to give us… bathtub displays! This rather strange idea was thought up after watching bathtub product commercials (these are pretty popular in Japan). These ‘salt products’ make the water cloudy, which is then used as a ... Read More »

MIT’s inFORM lets you ‘touch’ over the air

MIT inFORM touch

So far, we’ve been able to transmit visual information and sound; two of the five human senses digitally. Touch, smell and taste are still pending… a bit. MIT has come up with a brilliant technology which allows you physically move something without actually being there. According to MIT, inFORM is a “Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically”. Structurally, it’s a ... Read More »