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This LEGO Car with a LEGO Engine Actually Works

LEGO Car with LEGO engine

Pictured here is a hot-rod car made completely out of LEGO with an entire engine built out of LEGOs as well (except the wheels, LEGO wheels would demolish the earth if they existed). This project is currently known as “The Super Awesome Micro Project“. No joke, that’s what it’s actually called. This idea was thought up and brought to life ... Read More »

Mercedes Confirms SLC Model For 2014

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Mercedes Design Head Gorden Wagener has confirmed that company is working on a successor to SLS series which would be released in 2014. The new band concept is named as “SLC”. The first details regarding the specs has only 4.0L V8 engine with the SLS style doors replaced by a newer design. The production version would be called “CLA”. Before ... Read More »

5 Tips For Safe Driving


Drive safely is a wish we make for any of the person around us be it family members, friends, colleagues or anyone leaving after meeting you. Accidents are a part of this hustle and bustle that has created due to increased reliance on personal vehicles for transportation. More cars on road means higher probability of an incident. But that can ... Read More »

Wireless Charging For Electric Vehicles Developed

Witricity, a MIT spin off company which has broken the headlines earlier on regarding wireless transfer, have developed a new system that can charge Electric Vehicles (EVs) while they are moving. Wireless charging uses the principle of magnetic resonance coupling, where two copper coils are made to resonate at the same natural frequency. One coil is excited using electric current, ... Read More »

Honda In Hot Water Over Advertised Mileage Claim

Judge in California has ordered Honda to pay 9867 US$ to a woman who filed a case against them blaming them of advertising a false figure regarding the mileage of Civic hybrid car. Heather Peters is the woman who filed the case against the company in the claims court. She claimed her car, Honda Civic Hybrid 2006, was achieving mileage ... Read More »

Engine That Uses Liquid Air As Fuel

Dearman Engine Company is developing an engine which runs on liquified air and the emissions from it are well – air ! The piston of this engine gets force to move from the expanding air that is stored in the cylinder. Since air wont exist at ambient temperature, it is maintained at -256 degrees Fahrenheit in the cylinder. The engine ... Read More »

Audi R8: World’s Fastest Limousine

You must already be aware of the little R8, but when did the bigger R8 come? Well the stretched version of same R8 is the world’s fastest limousine and you might consider it if you are going for a luxury car. The car is street legal with massive power from a V10 engine that can push the car from 0 ... Read More »

What is Engine Braking? How It Helps?

Engine Braking simply means slowing down your car by downshifting to a lower gear instead of putting your foot on brake pedal. The lower gears are “hard to drive fast” for the engine and as a result, speed drops. Engine braking proponents say that it minimizes the brake pad wear if you substitute the foot brake by engine braking in ... Read More »

2012 Donkervoort D8 GTO – The Four Wheeler Rocket

The Donkervoot D8 GTO is the product of a collaboration between Donkervoort Automobielen and Audi Quattro GmbH, and is no less than a rocket that flies on 4 wheels. You will find it much alike in looks to the famous Ariel Atom, world’s fastest accelerating vehicle. Appearance You can visibly analyze the tubular frame of the car which is made ... Read More »

Car Manufacturers Drop 2012 Models Prices

Car manufacturers have reduced the prices of redesigned models for 2012 in a bid to attract more customers after the auto industry has seen sales plummet since 2009. Volkswagen Passat, the model Volkswagen dropped for 2011 makes a return for 2012 with more legroom and space for luggage. Engine options include 2.0 litre turbodiesel engine with a mileage of 31 ... Read More »