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This LEGO Car with a LEGO Engine Actually Works

LEGO Car with LEGO engine

Pictured here is a hot-rod car made completely out of LEGO with an entire engine built out of LEGOs as well (except the wheels, LEGO wheels would demolish the earth if they existed). This project is currently known as “The Super Awesome Micro Project“. No joke, that’s what it’s actually called. This idea was thought up and brought to life ... Read More »

Watch the World’s Smallest Movie Made by Atoms

Boy and his Atom

Interested in seeing the world’s smallest movie? No, it’s not the ‘shortest’ movie but really the smallest, down to atomic scale. Made by IBM and named “A boy and his Atom” is a 250-frame movie created by precisely moving atoms to create pictures. The intent of the movie is not to make a mini-blockbuster but to see what may become ... Read More »

A Game to Understand the Theory of Special Relativity

A slower speed of light

Here’s something Science-lovers will love. A video game made by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Game Lab to help in understanding Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. Einstein’s theory of special relativity is a topic of old and on-going scientific debates and some still don’t accept it.  Einstein’s theory includes length contraction, time dilation, simultaneity etc. His theory is complex and interesting and was ... Read More »

Road Lights To be Dimmed in UK To Save Energy

Highway agency in UK has proposed to dim the street lights during less busy timings in a bid to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Research will begin soon to determine the best time bracket in which the lights could be dimmed without compromising security on A roads. “The level of light reduction will be based upon internationally agreed standards ... Read More »

Wind Turbine Blows Into Flames In Scotland

While wind turbines will be all green, renewable source of energy but one recent incident suggests they aren’t totally safe. The incident happened at Androssan, North Ayrshire, Scotland, an area that faced winds up to 160 miles per hour. The operators of this wind farm, Ifinis from Edinburgh, UK said that the cause of explosion isn’t known yet and are ... Read More »

Carbon Foam To Help Make Long Lasting Batteries

Scientists at Michigan University are working to develop batteries that could last longer and are environment friendly. Their battery is actually a combination of capacitor and battery (half portion stores charge chemically and other one acts like a capacitor). The presence of two types of charge holding mechanisms enhances the storage and prevents leakage of charges as the negatively charged ... Read More »

Bridge To Be Covered With Solar Panels in London

Work has begun to cover the 1886-built bridge which is a part of new Blackfriars Railway Station, London. 6000 metres square of photovoltaic solar panels will be installed giving 900,000 kWh of electric energy each year. This will account for the 50% of station’s energy consumption and reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by 511 tonnes per year. The installation will cost ... Read More »