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WorldView-3 Launches; The first Commercial high-spectral resolution Satellite

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who has the highest spectral resolution of them all ? WorldView-3. World’s highest spectral resolution commercial satellite , WorldView-3, has launched with a promise of revolutionizing disaster management, crop study and every other field related to remote sensing. With a ground resolution of 50 cm, it can take incredibly detailed images that will show even ... Read More »

An Artificial Muscle that may allow Super Strength

Crysis Muscle Strength

A team of researchers at Berkeley Laboratory at the University of California have managed to design a micro-sized muscle that is about a 1000 times stronger than a human muscle and can catapult objects 50 times heavier than itself over a distance 5 times its length in a shocking time span of 60 milliseconds. To put this in perspective, 60 milliseconds is a smaller time than the blink ... Read More »

GE Building Diesel Engine Re-Manufacturing Plant

To cater for the increasing demands of diesel engines, General Electric’s Transport division is setting up a new re-manufacturing facility to build diesel engines in Grove City, Pa. Also the older plant will get upgraded with an investment of 37 million US$. ““Our investment in Grove City is a commitment to our customers to continue providing them with the best ... Read More »

Oil & Gas Industry In Pictures

See the pieces extreme engineering from oil and gas sector in images. Oil & Gas Industry is one of the most demanding but rewarding jobs in the world. Every day, thousands of engineers, technicians and scientists work to extract the crude oil from the heart of earth and push the boundaries of technology to more efficiently do this task. See ... Read More »

Engineering Creations Within The Fluid Control Industry

Within the fluid control industry, pump products are the things that make success possible. Without these many different kinds of pumps, the majority of the systems on which we depend in modern society either would not exist or would be severely limited. Take, as an example, modern plumbing systems, water filtration systems or even your own vehicle. Things as common ... Read More »

The Growth Of American Manufacturing

Industry in the US has been on the decline for decades. It seemed to everyone that the US would not be able to compete globally in these markets|industries do to the lower wages of foreign works and lack of regulations in third world countries. However, despite this the US manufacturing sector has risen for the previous ten straight months. Once ... Read More »

The Autosampling Technology

Now here’s something that is easy to understand and maybe hard to believe In process industry, the quality assurance people frequently need samples of the product to keep a check on the final product. Earlier the sample gathering was a very cumbersome and time consuming process as special people were assigned to collect samples and bring them to laboratory. However ... Read More »