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China opens the World’s Largest Building to the Public! [PHOTOS]

World's Largest Building

China has now allowed public access to the ‘Largest building in the world’ called “NEW CENTURY GLOBAL CENTER“. It occupies a massive area of 1.7 million square meters, about the size of Monaco and took 3 years to complete. You can’t visualise its massiveness just from the pictures. But we’ll help, according to CNET, New Century Global Center is big enough to ... Read More »

Aizhai Bridge – The 4000ft Long Suspension Bridge In China

Aizhai-Bridge-China (6)

Civil Engineering has never ceased to surprise mankind. From the times of Pharaoh to today’s age of skyscrapers, huge structures are made not only to stand, but survive harsh conditions. Most of these are meant for value addition, but many are a result of human needs such as inaccessible places in mountains. One such amazing piece of engineering is the ... Read More »

VB 10,000 – The Heavy Weight Lifter Vessel

VB 10,000 is an enormous weight lifting vessel to support oil rig offshore

Structural Engineers never cease to surprise the rest of mankind with the mega things they design and make stand. Whether it’s the land or sea,  you will find a lot of monstrous structures standing serving different roles. See the weight lifter vessel VB 10,000 which holds 2200 tones of oil platform over the waters in gulf of Mexico. This lift ... Read More »

Moses Bridge – A Bridge Submerged In Water

If you have read about Prophet Mosses, he walked through the river by separating it and afterwards when Pharaoh tried to walk through, it recombined destroying his army, according to legend. Pretty much same feat was given a go by Dutch architects who chose to construct a bridge inside water where the water is at your side and you are ... Read More »

Porsche’s Parking Solution With Robotic Elevator Delivering Cars To Their Owners

Porsche’s spinoff company Porsche Design Group has designed a parking solution for places where lack of parking place creates headache for car owners. Miami Beach Condo developers will build this unique parking solution described here. The project aims at building skyscraper with robotic parking system for parking cars with various slots and stories. It will have 132 parking units spread ... Read More »

Quietest Room Where You Can Even Hear Your Heartbeat

A chamber at Orfield Laboratories, Minneapolis holds the world record for being the quietest room ever designed. Named anechoic chamber, this room is so silent that you can even hear your heart beat when in this room. The whole structure actually consists of three rooms. The central chamber has 6 sides, all lined with soundproof glass-fibre wedges. The room stands ... Read More »

Bridge To Be Covered With Solar Panels in London

Work has begun to cover the 1886-built bridge which is a part of new Blackfriars Railway Station, London. 6000 metres square of photovoltaic solar panels will be installed giving 900,000 kWh of electric energy each year. This will account for the 50% of station’s energy consumption and reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions by 511 tonnes per year. The installation will cost ... Read More »

World’s Largest Sea Bridge in China

China has opened the world’s longest cross-sea bridge – which stretches five miles further than the distance between Dover and Calais. The Jiaozhou Bay bridge is 26.4 miles long and links China’s eastern port city of Qingdao to the offshore island Huangdao. The road bridge, which is 110ft wide and is the longest of its kind, cost nearly £1billion to ... Read More »

Building Footpath In Mountains In China

Thousands of metres up the vertiginous slopes of Shifou Mountain in Hunan Province, China, a team of workers, operating with hardly any safety measures, are building a footpath. The workers are building a plank road on the side of the mountain that, once it is finished,  will stretch for 3km (9843 ft) and be China’s longest sightseeing footpath. Here are ... Read More »