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Apple unveils the new iPad Air

iPad AIR

Behold the latest iPad; The iPad Air! Just like the MacBook Air, it boasts slimness as compared to other tablets; It is 7.5 mm thick and weighs less than 500g. Apple is calling it the “lightest full-size tablet”. Specifications iPad Air features a 9.7in Retina Display screen and  a beafy 64-bit A7 processor and an M7 motion co-processor. Here’s the ... Read More »

Ouya Review: A budget Mini-Gaming Console


Android based a new kind of a mini-gaming console “Ouya” (pronounced ‘ooo-ya‘) has been shipped off to retailers on its official release date June 25th, 2013. The console is also available from various online retailers including Best Buy, Game Stop, Target and Amazon. At the humble price of $99, the console comes in a very small and handy box with ... Read More »

Chromebook Pixel – Google’s Overpriced, High-Res Touchscreen Laptop

Chromebook 1

Google introduced a new premium laptop in its Chromebook series, for ‘power users’ in direct competition to Apple – The Google Chromebook Pixel. It’s the first laptop made completely by Google as the other Chromebooks are made by Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and HP.  It’s intended for power-users and it’s main feature is the high resolution display touchscreen. Chromebook Pixel sports a ... Read More »

Ever wanted to Draw in Thin Air? 3Doodler makes it Possible!

3D Eiffel Tower

So, what if you were drawing on a piece of paper, you lifted your pencil off the page and the line would come out of the page? Sounds mad? Of course it does! But that doesn’t mean it’s false. Here is something artists and non-artists alike would be astonished at; the 3Doodler! A video of this in action is provided at the ... Read More »

5th Generation iPad Rumored


As you all know that a couple of months back Apple or anti-Samsung, as i like to call it, launched the 4th-Gen iPad which cast a really heavy blow to the 3rd gen iPad owners, and along with it the much rumored iPad mini was also revealed. And now another rumor is circling around the web that if turned true, ... Read More »

Nikon Unveils 36 Megapixel Full Frame DSLR Camera D800

Nikon has just unveiled a new 36 megapixel DSLR cameras, D800 and D800e. The cameras images were already leaked couple of months ago. The D800 and D800e feature 36.3 MP with a maximum resolution of 7360 x 4912 pixels. A high resolution sensor FX-format CMOS is also embedded inside and it’s the sensor with highest resolution ever found on Nikon ... Read More »

Two New Cool Projectors Launched By BenQ

BenQ has released two new short-throw projects, LX 60ST and LW 61ST, for educational purposes. The two new projects look really stylish with a blend of silver and blue colors and sleek design. The projectors utilise the company’s unique light source known as BlueCore Light Engine that saves energy and also prevents excessive heating of the projector. BenQ LX 60ST ... Read More »

Sony Playstation Vita Coming Up With 3G & Skype

Sony Playstation Vita is officially coming to Vodafone with 3G capabilities and Skype onboard. This could mean that we are going to have a “playstation phone” in our hands soon. The unit that arrives in February will have wifi, 3G and skype pre-installed allowing for texting, making  skype phone calls and video chatting. Skype to phone capability wont be available ... Read More »