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3 Technologies Reshaping The Medical Industry 

Skepticism of innovative medical technology is absurd.  Let’s just say it exceeds the number of patients coming in the world’s largest medical facilities and be done with it. Maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t. The point is – and it’s becoming common knowledge – technological advancements are reshaping the medical industry and redefining its future. Medical has become a ... Read More »

3D Printing Saves a Life

3D printed heart

3D printing is the next big thing, the new revolution. And it’s only showing signs of growing. 3D printing has been used in 3D food, 3D prosthetics, 3D car parts and now it has been used in a diagnosis that saved the life of a 1-year old child, Roland Lian Cung Bawi. Roland’s heart had a hole in it along ... Read More »

10 Science Predictions

Science Prediction

Future is uncertain. There’s no way to predict what will actually but we can always make a guess. Here are some predictions in technology for the next 50 years. Note that we’re already transitioning into some of them quickly and each claim has a backing; Some work has been done on each ‘prediction’ and is not completely a fantasy. 1. ... Read More »

10 Surprising Things That Actually Exist in Nature

Shimmering Shores

Nature is weird, Nature is beautiful. But that’s how we like it. But nature can be extra weird at times. Here are some phenomena which exist but people don’t usually know. The list is ordered with coolness increasing from top to bottom. 10.Lake Hillier Located in Australia. The definite cause for the bubblegum pink color still haven’t been proven but ... Read More »

This teen uses an iPhone to control Bionic Arm

Bionic Hand

Patrick Kane, 16-years old, lost his right hand as a baby to meningitis. Now, he is the first person to be fitted with the bionic arm; iLimb Ultra Revolution. The iLimb cost him £30,000 was developed by Touch Bionics. Using its iPhone app, the hand can do 24 gestures and grips allowing Patrick to do actions which were previously impossible. ... Read More »

This Frog breaks its own bones to make Claws

Hairy Frog

Ever heard of a Hairy Frog? Don’t worry, most people haven’t. Frogs maybe a boring topic to some people, but Hairy frog exhibits a characteristic which would pique anybody’s interest. Hairy Frog (or Trichobatrachus robustus) breaks its own bones to turn them into claws. These ‘claws’ are only on the hind feet. The claw may look a bit like a ... Read More »

[VIDEO] Here’s a Cute Animal You may not have seen Before


The animal in the video is a “Desert Rain Frog“. Some may disagree but it is adorable in a sense. Please watch the video before judging. This species of Frog is located in South Africa and Namibia. Desert Rain Frogs are nocturnal and are endangered due to diamond mining in the area. It’s simply like a chubby frog. Would you ... Read More »

24 Genes Responsible for Short-Sightedness Identified


24 Genes Responsible for Myopia (Short-sightedness) Identified You have probably heard of short-sightedness (and long-sightedness), which is the sole reason people wear glasses. Myopia is the scientific name for short-sightedness, which is, simply described, not able to see far away objects clearly.  For a little more information, Myopia is the condition in which the eyeball grows longer than normal size, ... Read More »

What exactly are Hiccups?

Diagram of Diaphragm

What are Hiccups? Everyone has hiccups some time in life; no one is safe from it. And it sometimes ruins perfectly good moments or make awkward silences worse than they are, because of the fact that hiccups are not controllable/involuntary. What exactly are Hiccups? So what exactly are hiccups? In medical terms, it’s called ‘synchronous diaphragmatic flutter’ or ‘singultus’ but ... Read More »

What is Surgeon Simulator 2013?


Have you recently turned on your internet and all you see on Reddit, Tumblr and Youtube is something called “Surgeon Simulator 2013″. So, what is it? Surgeon Simulator 2013 is a indie game made by ‘Bossa Studios’ for the Global Game Jam competition and since has gone viral and into internet memehood. The game is exactly what it sounds like, ... Read More »