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How Now Brown Cow: Do You Take Milk With That?

Image Source: Wikimedia

How now brown cow: Do you take milk with that? We all know someone with a food disorder, whether it’s Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance), wheat intolerance or lactose intolerance.  Lactose intolerance has become far more common in recent times with almost 90-95% of black individuals and 20-25% of white individuals throughout the world showing symptoms for ... Read More »

KFC Fined After Girl Finds Metal Screw In A Bean

Worldwide famous food chain KFC found themselves in hot water after a girl found a metal screw in a bean in her meal in Peterborough. The discovery, over a year old got its final verdict only recently. It was April 16, 2011 when the ten year old discovered the screw as she ate the barbecue baked beans at a KFC ... Read More »

McDonald’s To Stop Using Controversial Food Additive In Their Food

McDonald’s has announced it would be no more using “Pink Slime”, a controversial food additive in its burgers. The additive has been rendered harmful by Chef Jamie Oliver in his campaign on TV Show “Food Revolution”. Pink slime is made from spare beef trimmings that are treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill bacteria and make it usable for food use. ... Read More »

Belgian Fast Food Chain Selling “Darth Vader Burger” & “Jedi Burger”

To celebrate the premiere of the upcoming 3D movie “The Phantom Menace”, Belgian fast food chain “Quick” has announced two strange burgers it would be selling from 31st January. And those burgers are named “Darth Vader Burger” and “Jedi Burger”. Darth Vader Burger This double cheeseburger has a totally black bun. It also has a light salad topping  with beef ... Read More »

Top 10 Energy Boosting Habits For Teenagers

Energy is not inherent in any person. Good habits and diet can help you have more energy, work harder and longer. Teenagers normally require more energy not only for their physical tasks but mental as well. Some of the following tips can help them stay fresher, stay focused and work easily: 1. Have a Good Breakfast This isn’t any new ... Read More »

Unusual Uses Of Tea

Tea may be a good drink with loads of benefits for health. But recently, tea has been used for many other household and personal care purposes as well. You might find it strange to digest that tea is actually being used for these purposes so why not give it a try ? Here are some of these uses:   1. ... Read More »

McDonalds Considers Displaying Calorie Count on Menu Boards

Recently, in UK, McDonalds has started to display the amount of calories associated with each meal on the menu pamphlets. However, in a bid to improve the way information is conveyed to the buyers regarding calories, McDonalds is considering displaying the calories on the menu boards as well. The move in UK is part of a government-led programme to curb ... Read More »

Study Finds Black Tea As Beneficial As Green Tea

You all have heard popular fact of green tea being beneficial to health. But the inexpensive black tea, ignored before, has been reported to render same benefits to health as green tea. The claim comes in a review of the health properties of green and black tea commissioned by the industry`s Tea Advisory Panel. Dr Carrie Ruxton, a freelance dietician, ... Read More »