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Dead Trees Turned Into Artistic Sculptures

Here is some amazing piece of work done in Craig, Colorado where trees caught some disease and had to be cut. Instead, the city counsel invited the public in a “Chainsaw Competition”, the purpose of which was to convert these trees into an artistic stuff while still retaining them in the city. Here are some amazing pieces of woodwork:   Read More »

Learn More About Hydroponic Systems

Gardeners have dreamed of ways of raising plants (in particular fresh vegetables) year around in any climate. Growing plants, in soil, in the front of windows works well however it does have a limited capacity since there are limited spaces and minimal hours of natural light generally in most window locations. You may want to consider Hydroponic Gardening. Hydroponic Gardening ... Read More »

Artificial Leaves That Can Store Energy

Researchers have made an artificial leaf that can use sunlight to convert moisture in plants into hydrogen and oxygen which can be used as fuels   The technology developed by Dan Nocera of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and colleagues could eventually power a house and bring electricity to the developing world with little more than a chip sunk into ... Read More »