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10 Things you know that are Completely False

10 False Things

10. Humans don’t ‘burst’ in Space. A lot of people think that without a space suit, one would ‘pop’ or ‘burst’. This is completely untrue and people are lead to believe this only because of movies and science-fiction. Our human skin is strong enough that we don’t ‘burst’ because of the pressure outside, which is another common misconception. If you ... Read More »

Sex Deprived Male Flies Turn To Alcohol To Meet Physiological Demands

Drosophila melanogaster, a male fruit fly chooses to fulfill its physiological demands through alcohol after being deprived of having sex, the study finds. The findings will help to understand the human behavior and cure this addiction. The study revealed that the mating male flies were not attracted towards alcohol despite being exposed to it where as the deprived ones turned ... Read More »

10 Month Babies Understand Others’ Thinking Process

Research carried out at University of Missouri has revealed that 10 month babies are not as unaware as many people might think. They do understand the thought process of people around them and develop their own mindset accordingly. Infants were monitored during different trials of  a psychological test in which an actor indicated preference for certain objects. Researchers measured the ... Read More »

Easily Embarrassed People Are More Trustworthy, Study Reveals

A study at University of California, Berkley has revealed people who get embarrassed easily are more trustworthy and even, generous. However, the embarrassment here doesn’t mean the anxiety or shame which often causes harm to a person’s life in society. “Moderate levels of embarrassment are signs of virtue,” said Matthew Feinberg, a doctoral student in psychology at UC Berkeley and ... Read More »