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Rovio To Start Angry Birds Mechandise & Theme Parks


The famous game Angry Birds is going to get more presence with Rovio, the founding company revealing plans to start merchandise relevant to Angry birds and also start theme parks with angry birds all around. The playgrounds with Angry birds would be called “Angry Birds Playland”. The first such playland would be set in finland and then expanded across Europe. ... Read More »

Britannica Encyclopedia Print Comes To An End After 244 Years


After some 244 years of printing, the world’s famous reference book, the Britannica Encyclopedia printing is coming to an end, following the dawn of digital era. The encyclopedia will no more be printed in several volumes and instead, only digital form will be available. Britannica has been published since 1768, from Edinburgh, Scotland. It was sold every two years, priced ... Read More »

Most Expensive Parking Lot ?

In the picture below is U.S.S Ronald Reagen aircraft carrier of US Navy which is serving as a parking lot for the cars. It’s actually Navy soldiers’ cars being transported to the location where the soldiers would be heading later on. For Navy, this is much cheaper way of transporting cars than sending them via any other means. And it’s ... Read More »

Emirates Flight Kitchen – How They Do It [VIDEO]

Ever been on Emirates for their brilliant service? Loved the food on plane? Wonder how the world’s renowned carrier with operations spread over entire world caters to the food demand of its passengers and maintain highest level of service in aviation? See this Youtube video on Emirates flight catering. See the food being prepared, packed and loaded ! Read More »

Kimi Raikkonen Returns To Formula One in 2012

Finnish racing driver and former Formula One champion Kimi Raikkonen is all set to return to F1 in 2012, as per latest reports. Kimi will return with Lotus Renault GP team after there were rumors of him going to Williams F1 team. He will be replacing Robert Kubica effectively who got injured in rallying and will miss out another season. ... Read More »

2-Week Old Baby Girl Pulled Alive From Building Wreckage In Turkey

A 2-week old baby girl was rescued from the rubble of collapsed building in Turkey, which was hit by a massive earthquake recently. The lucky baby girl also had her mother and grandmother successfully rescued alive. The people roared with happiness as they saw what they call a ‘miracle’. The baby’s name is Azra. The girl had been buried under ... Read More »

World’s Most Expensive Watches

See the most expensive watches in the world with their price tags. In the heading, the unbolded portion shows manufacturer name while bolded one is the name of the watch. 1. Baume & Mercier – William Baume Flying Tourbillion 75,000$ 2. Tag Heuer – Monaco V4 80,000$ 3. Jean Richard – Paramount Tourbillion Linear Power Reserve 128,000$ 4. Glashutte Original ... Read More »

iPhone App Catches Wife Cheating Her Man, Ends Up In Divorce

This story appeared on forum Macrumors.com and needs verification. More details may arrive confirming or denying such happening While iPhone may contain many other apps for utility, they can help track out if your wife is cheating on you. In an online post on a chat forum Macrumors.com, a man from New York, USA revealed he had caught his wife ... Read More »