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Inside Qantas A380 [PHOTOS]

A380 is awesome and you definitely agree with it. However, it’s not just fantastic when viewed from outside, get a chance to glance in and you will be impressed by its spaciousness and the comfort it allows airlines to provide to their passengers. Have a look at the interior of Qantas (an Australian airline) A380. Doesn’t look like you are ... Read More »

Amazon River [PHOTOS]

Amazon river is the world’s 2nd longest river. The amount of water discharged in this river is greatest in the world and is more than the discharge of next 7 big rivers combined. The river is about 6400km long, as much as radius of earth and its width varies between 1.6km to 10km. For more reading on this river, click ... Read More »

Volcano Lightning [PHOTOS]

Volcano lightning is a phenomena in which lightning is observed in a volcano explosion. Scientists are still to find the reason behind this lightning. One theory is that the explosion causes dissociation of atoms into particles which appear as lightning, much like you would expect observing electrons in a vacuum tube. Here is the process explained as on And ... Read More »

Pearl Qatar [PHOTOS]

Pearl Qatar is a series of artificially created islands in Qatar, spread over four million sq. metres. The 32 km long coastline is primarily meant for residential use and is the first scheme in Qatar that foreign nationals are eligible to own inside Qatar. 13 islands are planned to be built as a part of this project. he largest of ... Read More »

Strange Hot Air Balloons From Germany [PHOTOS]

Hot Air Balloons are probably a thing that is lovely to experience but view as well. These colorful things amaze everyone with their flying and style. Following are some photos of hot air balloon festival held in Germany where hot air balloons took form of a dinosaur, frog, cow, train engine, wine bottle etc. See them here even if you ... Read More »

Incredile Photos From National Geographic

Witness some of the most photographic amazing catches from around the world by National Geographic. See the unseen parts of world, animals and much more in pictures. The pictures are spread over several pages, so dont stop when you reach the bottom of page   Read More »

Airplanes With Colorful Cartoon Liveries

See the photos of famous cartoon characters painted on huge aircrafts. We bet children would love to fly in these planes. All the images belong to the respective owners (mentioned at the bottom of photos) and taken from the websites mentioned in watermark. We do not claim the ownership of any photo but are just sharing it for the visitors ... Read More »