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78,000 Apply to Live on Mars

Mars Colony

Tired of this planet? So are 78000 other people. A non-profit Dutch company called “Mars One” has received over 78,000 applications in just 2 weeks (starting from 22 April 2013) from people all over the world who are bored of their current earthly lifestyle. But of course, out of all these people, only 4 people will be selected and will ... Read More »

Four New Exoplanets Discovered In First Four Days of 2012

The first four days of the new year 2012 have seen four new exoplanets added to the list of these heavenly bodies known to mankind. All of them are called “Hot Jupiters”. They are large hot planets orbitting a nearby star. They are all in line with earth and make the star dim when they pass in front of it. ... Read More »

NASA Finds A New Planet Capable Of Supporting Life

Kepler spacecraft of NASA which searches for new planets has found an alien world in a habitable zone of star which can allow for life and water to exist. The Kepler also discovered 1000 new planets, bringing the count of discovered planets outside our solar system to 2326 found using this spacecraft. This number has been achieved in 16 months ... Read More »

NASA’s Huge Curiosity Mars Rover Launching on Saturday

NASA is sending a huge rover to Mars to explore more about the planet and answer the unanswered questions. The machine, formerly called “Mars Science Laboratory” and now “Curiosity Rover” is set for launch on Saturday November 26,2011 using Atlas rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Curiosity is basically a study laboratory system carried by the rover. ... Read More »

ROSAT Satellite Falls Over South-East Asia

(UPDATE) According to reports from German Aerospace Centre, the satellite ROSAT which was supposed to fall on earth between Friday – Monday, has finally met its fate as it fell in South-Eastern Asian region, most probably between Bay of Bengal and Indonesia. However, the location has still not been confirmed. The time of it hitting the earth is between 9:45 ... Read More »

Falling Satellite ROSAT Has Entered The Earth’s Atmosphere

(UPDATE): Roentgen Satellite (ROSAT) which was reportedly going to fall back on earth between Friday and Monday has been spotted entering earth’s atmosphere on Sunday, as per latest reports. The time of entry was 0145 and 0215 GMT. German Aerospace Centre confirmed the entry of satellite today but no evidence of debris has reached earth before the satellite itself. It ... Read More »

New Method For Measuring The Universe Using Quasars Discovered

How big is universe ? Several methods have been tried, each with a figure that’s new. Astronomers have been trying for long to determine how vast is our universe ? This is crucial as the expansion or contraction of universe is linked to many events that take place in it. Meanwhile, astronomers in Copenhagen, Neil Bohr Institute have found a ... Read More »