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10 Amazing Chemical Reaction GIFs

10 Amazing Chemical Reaction GIFs

Most people find Chemistry boring, only because of the fact that schools don’t properly show awesome Chemistry can look (which is what students like to see, but they don’t get the chance). It’s time to get your head out of chemical equations and see how some of those reactions look in real life. 10. Snake Venom in Blood And this ... Read More »

First Ever Photos of Chemical Bonding

Molecules Bonding

Remember bonding from Chemistry? If you thought how all those atoms forming bonds conveniently was not real, you might want to have a second thought. Because for the first time ever, actual images of molecules forming their chemical bonds, have been taken by Lawrence Berkely Laboratory. The goal wasn’t to take these pictures; the laboratory was performing experiments to develop ... Read More »

‘Life’ Infused into Compounds


Note that the ‘life’ is put inside commas. Meaning it does not mean scientists made a living organism from non-living matter. The study was simply this, scientists flashed blue-violet light that provoked them to form a cluster or a group of particles. Why is it a big deal? How would we use it? That’s the interesting part. These ‘active’, rather ... Read More »

Sony Develops Battery That is Powered By Paper

Sony has unveiled the prototype of a unique battery at Eco-Products 2011 exhibition. This amazing battery concept gets its energy from shredded paper. And it is inspired by the insects which eat wood, the termites. Much like termites which digest wood and convert it to energy, Sony used the shredded paper which could be converted to glucose sugar. They achieved ... Read More »

Iron Oxide Changes To A New Substance In Deep Earth

Scientists have found that world’s 2nd most abundant mineral’s constituent, Iron Oxide FeO changes its properties totally to convert to a different substance in deep earth region. Intense conditions like high temperature and pressure squeeze the basic particles like electrons so close that altogether a new compound develops as a result of such conditions. This phenomena was observed in earth’s ... Read More »

Sunlight To Be Used To Make Fuels That Would Replace Petroleum Fuels

Yen-Ting Kuo, a doctoral candidate in chemistry at Kansas State University, is working on preparing fuels using solar rays that can well potentially replace the petroleum fuels. Kuo is making and studying metal-oxide catalysts that react with light. These catalysts, called photocatalysts, cause a chemical reaction when exposed to sunlight. They dont get destroyed during the reaction rather get converted ... Read More »

Resarchers Discover Metals Change Colors In Presence Of a Gas

Scientists have discovered the phenomena where modified metals change their colors when exposed to certain gases. This discovery can open up new methods in sensor technology and industrial products. Cathleen Crudden, a professor in the Department of Chemistry said that they found by accident that Rhodium (Rh) reacts in several colorful ways to various gases. Rhodium that is modified using ... Read More »

MIT Develops Thread That Acts As Diode

A very fine thread has been manufactured at MIT, using “thread drawing” technique that can act as diode. This invention can open up door to many new electronic devices that will be run on fibre based electronic components rather than conventional metallic and metalloid based components. Thread Drawing, just like metal drawing is a procedure where fibre materials (called preforms) ... Read More »

Mechanical Work Extracted From Light Using DNA

Scientists have converted light into mechanical work by changing the elasticity of DNA when the light is incident upon DNA. This mechanism involves atomic force at micro scale to extract work out using light.   The research recently published in Journal of American Chemical Society by Martin McCullagh, Ignacio Franco, Mark A. Ratner, and George C. Schatz, from the Department ... Read More »

New Form of Sulfur Discovered

A new form of Sulfur, the sixth most abundant element on earth has been identified in geological fluids. Earth already contains a lot of sulfur in rocks, mines in various forms but this is something new observed for the very first time.   The new form identified contains S3- ions whilst the existing forms contrain S2^-1 ions or SO4 ^ ... Read More »