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10 Surprising Things That Actually Exist in Nature

Shimmering Shores

Nature is weird, Nature is beautiful. But that’s how we like it. But nature can be extra weird at times. Here are some phenomena which exist but people don’t usually know. The list is ordered with coolness increasing from top to bottom. 10.Lake Hillier Located in Australia. The definite cause for the bubblegum pink color still haven’t been proven but ... Read More »

10 Amazing Looking Crystals

Pyrite Crystal

When someone says “crystals”, the other usually assumes it as a shape similar to a diamond. Wrong! Feast your eyes on nature’s beauty. These are crystal clusters of elements and minerals. 10. Azurite 9.  Amethyst 8. Aragonite 7.  Quartz 6. Topaz 5. Emerald 4. Pyrite 3. Tellurium 2. Ammonium Phosphate 1. Bismuth A personal favorite. Read More »

Molecules In Earth Atmosphere Help Cool The Planet: Research

Scientists have found a new molecule present in earth’s atmosphere, which is helping reduce global warming and thus is working to bring the planet’s temperature down. The findings have been presented in a research paper published in Science. The paper has been published by University of Manchester, University of Bristol and Sandia National Laboratories. The molecules were earlier on believed ... Read More »

Dust Control And Pollution Control Measures

Dust can be a serious problem especially in the industrial or construction areas. It can be very damaging to people and their health. That is the main reason why dust control for construction and industrial areas is so important. Dust control is used very often today in almost every construction area. The most significant thing is to check the amount ... Read More »

What To Do With Your Old Cell Phone

Today the environment is in a bad condition with different businesses dumping harmful chemicals into the water and air and thus finding different ways to get rid of the old cell phones is of a great importance. This is necessary to protect the environment. It is necessary to mention that recent estimates put the total amount of cell phones in ... Read More »

Evaporation From Trees Has Cooling Effect on Climate

According to a study carried by scientists at Carnegie Global Ecology department, the evaporation of water from trees helps cool down the environment, reducing the temperature. The scientists prepared a model to simulate the effects of evaporation to study the overall effect by introducing low level clouds. The study, reported in journal “Environmental Research Papers”, says that evaporation from trees ... Read More »

Darrell Maclean And Charles Smith Of SMI Report On Another Japanese Disaster: Asbestos Contamination

Darrell Maclean, President, and Charles Smith, Vice President, of Southern Middlesex Industries, a Massachusetts Environmental Remediation Company, report on the latest disaster to strike Japan: Asbestos Fiber Exposure in the clean up operations. After the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, together with the complication of the nuclear power plant problems of Fukushima, Japan is scrambling to deal ... Read More »

Climate Risk: Yet Another Reason To Choose Renewable Energy

Recent events in Japan have brought new attention to how national energy systems are vulnerable to natural disasters. But, one risk has largely flown under the radar: climate change. Considerable scientific research has looked at how our energy choices are threatening the climate, but much less attention has been paid to the other side of the equation. A new report ... Read More »

MassDEP Asbestos Rules

Charles Smith, Vice President of Southern Middlesex Industries, SMI, a Massachusetts Environmental Remediation Company, based in Norwood, provides Part 2 of the latest Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s (MassDEP) Asbestos Program that reviews all the new Asbestos Removal rules and regulations for the state Health Officers Association. It is a must read document. Charles Smith of SMI reviewed the first ... Read More »