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There is Water INSIDE the Earth

Ringwoodite is an extremely rare gemstone, which is a highly-pressurized form of a material called Olivine.  So, when Ringwoodite is exposed to low pressure, it turns into Olivine. Ringwoodite has previously been found in meteorites and prepared inside laboratories. Olivine is very common underground but no one had ever found any evidence of Ringwoodite in the earth’s mantle. Graham Pearson ... Read More »

10 Amazing Looking Crystals

Pyrite Crystal

When someone says “crystals”, the other usually assumes it as a shape similar to a diamond. Wrong! Feast your eyes on nature’s beauty. These are crystal clusters of elements and minerals. 10. Azurite 9.  Amethyst 8. Aragonite 7.  Quartz 6. Topaz 5. Emerald 4. Pyrite 3. Tellurium 2. Ammonium Phosphate 1. Bismuth A personal favorite. Read More »

Amazing Photos of Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanoes, especially when erupt, aren’t the friendliest thing on earth but are definitely an interesting thing to see for those who observe and study nature. Here we share photos of these beasts smoking and showing their anger in the form of smoke and lava.   Read More »

NASA To Measure Sea Water Saltiness From Space

An Argentinian built spacecraft that is carrying several instruments developed by various nations was launched on 9 June, 2011 from Vandenberg Air Force Base along Californian coast. The spacecraft will fly at a height of 410 miles above earth’s surface to record changes in salt level of sea water on weekly basis. Oceans constitutes 3/4 of earth’s outer surface and ... Read More »

How Scientists Measure The Speed of Tectonic Plates

Geologists always keep an eye on the rate of movement of tectonic plates. This helps to predict the future geological features of a certain area and also helps predict earthquakes sometimes. The plates are always moving, albeit at a small rate (few centimetres per year).   The best way to measure how quickly two tectonic plates converge is the use ... Read More »

Japan Earthquake Sound Recorded & Released

Laboratory of Applied Bio-acoustics (LAB), a unit of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) has recorded the sound of earthquake that caused massive destruction on 11th March, 2011 in Japan. The recording has been made available on internet and can be heard on:   To hear the recording, visit the above link, click “Sound Library”. A picture appears containing ... Read More »

Earthquake Displaced Japan By 8 Feet: US Geological Survey

US Geological Survey has revealed that the 11 March, 2011 earthquake that caused massive destruction, has also moved the Japanese island by as much as 8 feet which according to them, is a reasonable number.   The quake which resulted due to thrust faulting along the boundary of Pacific & North American Tectonic plates was big enough to slide the ... Read More »