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10 Amazing Microscopic Photographs

Marine Worm

Nikon held a worldwide contest called “Nikon Small World” where over 2000 photographs of the micro-world were submitted. None of these are photoshopped, all of them are brilliant photographs using various techniques in photography. The first 3 pictures here are the winners of the contest respectively. The rest are from the Top 20. Mini life does look truly amazing (not ... Read More »

A DVD That can hold 1000 Tera Bytes!


Are you proud of your 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive? You might want to hold onto that pride because with the latest breakthrough in nanotechnology, a single DVD is now able to hold up to 1000 Tera Bytes (or 1 Peta Byte) of data! This is a huge jump from 700MB CD to 4.7 GB DVD to 25GB ... Read More »

First Ever Photos of Chemical Bonding

Molecules Bonding

Remember bonding from Chemistry? If you thought how all those atoms forming bonds conveniently was not real, you might want to have a second thought. Because for the first time ever, actual images of molecules forming their chemical bonds, have been taken by Lawrence Berkely Laboratory. The goal wasn’t to take these pictures; the laboratory was performing experiments to develop ... Read More »

World’s Smallest Electric Vehicle, Made Up of Molecules

Miniaturization just got a step ahead and scientists have created a very tiny nano scale Electric Vehicle (EV) made up of molecules powered by four motors. It can move in various directions. The vehicle uses electrons to propel. Perhaps that’s the reason it is termed as “electric vehicle” in contrast to previous techniques that used waves etc to move the ... Read More »

Method To Store Light Developed By Scientists

A team of scientists from Oregon State University have managed to store the fast moving light as mechanical excitations. So far, light has been used to transmit data, not store it. But this is something new. Earlier attempts have been made to store light as excitations in the form of sound, spin or atomic form. However in mechanical excitations, the ... Read More »

How Carbon Nanotubes Can Support Massive Structures ?

At ScientiaWeb, we frequently post articles mentioning developments using Carbon Nanotubes. What are they and what can they yield ? Find out.   Carbon Nanotube is a sheet of graphite, only an atom thick in which carbon atoms are bonded in a hexagonal structure and rolled into a cylindrical tube. They are only 1-100 nanometre in diameter. Currently, they are ... Read More »

Virus That Improves Solar Cell Efficiency

MIT Researchers have found a way to improve solar cell efficiency using ‘viruses’ that perform assembly operations at nano level.   The improvement is based on the famous carbon nanotubes which enhance the electron capturing ability of the solar cells. The attempts to use carbon nanotubes to improve efficiency was tried earlier on but a tube made up of material ... Read More »

Super Small Single Electron Transistor (SET)

Although not the first time, but a better small and super fast single electron transistor has been fabricated by a team of scientists at University of Pittsburgh. The invention will prove to be a building block for vast computer memories and other electronic materials. The researchers reported the invention in magazine Nature Nanotechnology that transistor’s main component, an island only ... Read More »

Windows That Block Heat Only On Hot Day

Scientists from University of Buffalo have invented a material for window glass that reflects back heat from sun in summer but allows it during winter. These materials are transparent to infrared light at low temperatures but higher temperature causes them to undergo phase transition (change in internal structure) which improves reflection.   Researchers have basically found the temperature for Vanadium ... Read More »