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10 Amazing Chemical Reaction GIFs

10 Amazing Chemical Reaction GIFs

Most people find Chemistry boring, only because of the fact that schools don’t properly show awesome Chemistry can look (which is what students like to see, but they don’t get the chance). It’s time to get your head out of chemical equations and see how some of those reactions look in real life. 10. Snake Venom in Blood And this ... Read More »

10 Science Predictions

Science Prediction

Future is uncertain. There’s no way to predict what will actually but we can always make a guess. Here are some predictions in technology for the next 50 years. Note that we’re already transitioning into some of them quickly and each claim has a backing; Some work has been done on each ‘prediction’ and is not completely a fantasy. 1. ... Read More »

10 Surprising Things That Actually Exist in Nature

Shimmering Shores

Nature is weird, Nature is beautiful. But that’s how we like it. But nature can be extra weird at times. Here are some phenomena which exist but people don’t usually know. The list is ordered with coolness increasing from top to bottom. 10.Lake Hillier Located in Australia. The definite cause for the bubblegum pink color still haven’t been proven but ... Read More »

10 Amazing Microscopic Photographs

Marine Worm

Nikon held a worldwide contest called “Nikon Small World” where over 2000 photographs of the micro-world were submitted. None of these are photoshopped, all of them are brilliant photographs using various techniques in photography. The first 3 pictures here are the winners of the contest respectively. The rest are from the Top 20. Mini life does look truly amazing (not ... Read More »

Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries of 2013


Every once in a while, out of boredom or disappointment, straight out blame our own countries for bad system, economy, restlessness etc. But we all love our countries anyway. But sometimes you wonder which countries are doing better than us, and which one is doing the best out of all. An Organization “Institute for Economics and Peace”, with help of ... Read More »

10 Common Science Myths

Common Myths

We all have knowledge or ‘facts’ from who knows where. But is it really knowledge? A lot of people just believe things just because they have ‘heard of them’. Most people don’t think about this but here are some concepts which are generally understood by people, but are completely wrong, and hence are called “Myths“. Number 10 MYTH: Vaccines can ... Read More »

10 Amazing Looking Crystals

Pyrite Crystal

When someone says “crystals”, the other usually assumes it as a shape similar to a diamond. Wrong! Feast your eyes on nature’s beauty. These are crystal clusters of elements and minerals. 10. Azurite 9.  Amethyst 8. Aragonite 7.  Quartz 6. Topaz 5. Emerald 4. Pyrite 3. Tellurium 2. Ammonium Phosphate 1. Bismuth A personal favorite. Read More »

10 Random Useless Websites for you to check out

Useless Things on the Internet

Here, we have gathered 10 completely useless, but fun websites just in case you’re bored (aren’t we always?). These websites serve no purpose whatsoever but are worth checking out just to see how weird the internet actually is. The links are arranged in no particular order and we’ll write no description, so you can see the fun for yourself. 10. ... Read More »

10 Wallpapers for Science Lovers


It’s really hard to find good, high-quality science wallpapers. So, we collected 10 Hi-resolution science wallpapers in 1920 x 1080.  You can resize them according to your needs or if you have a 16:9 widescreen monitor, simple use them without resizing. For added convenience, we put all 10 wallpapers in a .RAR file. You’ll need WinRAR or 7-zip to extract ... Read More »

10 Things you know that are Completely False

10 False Things

10. Humans don’t ‘burst’ in Space. A lot of people think that without a space suit, one would ‘pop’ or ‘burst’. This is completely untrue and people are lead to believe this only because of movies and science-fiction. Our human skin is strong enough that we don’t ‘burst’ because of the pressure outside, which is another common misconception. If you ... Read More »