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ScientiaWeb only gathers & reports the news regarding various happenings across the web. We in no way support any particular happening, research or comments regarding any issue. Our aim is only to bring the news to everyone. Posts that contain Racism, Religious discrimination, criticizing a certain country, school of thought, region are strictly forbidden here.

In case we publish content, images or any other item that belongs to any other publisher, individual, we reference it properly. If you feel this rule has been overlooked, let us know the case with proof and we will reference/remove it as per requirement.

We do not encourage to practice anything shared on this website without advice of experts. Please refer to experts before trying any knowledge for example tips related to medicine.

If you feel any of the above mentioned offenses are contained within the post, contact the ScientiaWeb Administration using Contact form listed on home page or mail us at admin@scientiaweb.com

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