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Four New Exoplanets Discovered In First Four Days of 2012

The first four days of the new year 2012 have seen four new exoplanets added to the list of these heavenly bodies known to mankind. All of them are called “Hot Jupiters”. They are large hot planets orbitting a nearby star. They are all in line with earth and make the star dim when they pass in front of it. ... Read More »

iPhone App “Meteor Counter” Lets Skytrackers Track Meteors

NASA scientists Dr. Tony Philips & Dr. Bill Cooke have developed an iPhone app which lets skytrackers track the meteors’ movement far above in the sky. The app is now available at iTunes store for download. You can use this app to track upcoming meteor Geminid, which would be visible between December 12,2011 and December 16,2011. 13 Dec 2011 is ... Read More »

NASA Finds A New Planet Capable Of Supporting Life

Kepler spacecraft of NASA which searches for new planets has found an alien world in a habitable zone of star which can allow for life and water to exist. The Kepler also discovered 1000 new planets, bringing the count of discovered planets outside our solar system to 2326 found using this spacecraft. This number has been achieved in 16 months ... Read More »

Falling Satellite ROSAT Has Entered The Earth’s Atmosphere

(UPDATE): Roentgen Satellite (ROSAT) which was reportedly going to fall back on earth between Friday and Monday has been spotted entering earth’s atmosphere on Sunday, as per latest reports. The time of entry was 0145 and 0215 GMT. German Aerospace Centre confirmed the entry of satellite today but no evidence of debris has reached earth before the satellite itself. It ... Read More »

New Method For Measuring The Universe Using Quasars Discovered

How big is universe ? Several methods have been tried, each with a figure that’s new. Astronomers have been trying for long to determine how vast is our universe ? This is crucial as the expansion or contraction of universe is linked to many events that take place in it. Meanwhile, astronomers in Copenhagen, Neil Bohr Institute have found a ... Read More »

Planet Made of Diamond Discovered

Astronomers have spotted a planet running around a small star which seems to be made of diamond. It lies 4000 lightyears away from earth. Scientists got the hunch of it being made of diamond by the fact that it is the denser of any planets known so far, primarily because of huge carbon content which is in crystalline form (diamond). ... Read More »

Search For Alien Life on 86 Planets Begins

US Astronomers have started project to detect presence of alien by a massive radio telescope on around 86 earth like planets.   The massive dish began pointing towards each of the 86 planets this week, the planets being selected from among the list of 1235 possible planets detected by NASA’s Kepler telescope. The mission is a part of the SETI ... Read More »

Giant Star Discovered: 265 Times Bigger Than Sun

In Tarantula Nebula in the large Magellanic cloud, a galaxy which is a neighbour to our milky way, a huge star is shining which is the brightest and biggest star known yet. At a distance of 165,000 lightyears, this star known as R136a1 is 265 times as massive as our solar system’s sun and a 10 million times brighter than ... Read More »