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Iron Oxide Changes To A New Substance In Deep Earth

Scientists have found that world’s 2nd most abundant mineral’s constituent, Iron Oxide FeO changes its properties totally to convert to a different substance in deep earth region. Intense conditions like high temperature and pressure squeeze the basic particles like electrons so close that altogether a new compound develops as a result of such conditions. This phenomena was observed in earth’s ... Read More »

6 Ton NASA Satellite To Fall Back On Earth

An out-of-operation since 2005 satellite launched by NASA will soon plummet to Earth (fall back sharply) anywhere between late September and October. Some of the debris might fall on populated areas however experts have declared no major risk to populated cities. The satellite, known as UARS was launched into space in September 1991 to measure ozone levels and other chemicals ... Read More »

Resarchers Discover Metals Change Colors In Presence Of a Gas

Scientists have discovered the phenomena where modified metals change their colors when exposed to certain gases. This discovery can open up new methods in sensor technology and industrial products. Cathleen Crudden, a professor in the Department of Chemistry said that they found by accident that Rhodium (Rh) reacts in several colorful ways to various gases. Rhodium that is modified using ... Read More »

New Allotrope of Carbon “T-Carbon” Discovered

  Scientists have found another allotrope of carbon which can have variety of applications by dint of its long list of interesting properties. It’s named T-Carbon   Scientists, Xian-Lei Sheng, Qing-Bo Yan, Fei Ye, Qing-Rong Zheng, and Gang Su, from the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China, have published their study on the first-principles calculations of ... Read More »

New Form of Sulfur Discovered

A new form of Sulfur, the sixth most abundant element on earth has been identified in geological fluids. Earth already contains a lot of sulfur in rocks, mines in various forms but this is something new observed for the very first time.   The new form identified contains S3- ions whilst the existing forms contrain S2^-1 ions or SO4 ^ ... Read More »

New Plastics Developed That Conduct Electricity

To date in your elementary science and high school courses you must have been taught repeatedly that the plastics are poor conductors of electricity and one of the reasons most of the insulations of electric wires are of plastic. But now conductor plastic may have given you goosebumps thinking what will save you from electric shocks now ?   Well ... Read More »